Sunday, July 20, 2014

Trip To Downtown Chicago


Today it felt good waking up late, I woke up at 9:30 AM. I missed breakfast hour, but I decided to go to the gym again and take advantage of the free time I have this weekend because I’m not going to have time on the week. I got to the gym at 10:30 AM and then ten minutes later Alexa came to the gym to work out too.  Then later on, Vicky came to the gym at 11:30 PM. Vicky went to run with Alexa. Alexa left the gym and then Vicky came where I was working at, so she can work on her arms. Vicky then went to the basketball court to play basketball. Then, I went to join her and I told her that I will play her a game of 21 points. I score the first two points, but then Vicky scored the rest of the points and I wasn't able to score again, so I stayed with two points for the rest of the game. Vicky was laughing at me because before we started playing I told her I was going to win her, but I guess I doubt her skills in basketball. Then, I told her that later on to see me in my sport that is soccer, to see if she came be able to win me. Vicky accepted my challenge, but I just have to find a soccer ball because I didn't brought one with me. 

My Lunch 
We finished getting out of the gym at 12:30 PM. Vicky and I, then headed to the Dining Hall to go get our lunch because we both didn't eat breakfast.

My Cohorts and I Stopped to take a Picture
My cohorts and I were planning to go to downtown Chicago to go see the Purge movie. We were planning to leave the campus at 2:30 PM. The girls couldn’t figure out how to get to downtown, so I went to the front desk and asked, how can we get to downtown Chicago? The guy told me the way to go and catch the bus; number 6. Then I downloaded an app on my phone that tracks the CTA buses because that’s the only bus we can get in for free. I also downloaded Yelp so I can find where the theaters will be at. That’s how we figure out how to get to downtown and to the movies. When we got to the movies we were happy because we accomplish to get there by ourselves. The theater that we went was the AMC theaters. The AMC
AMC Theaters
Theater has three floors and is very big. It has its own bowling alley and a bar too. I’m so jealous because in the Bay Area we don’t have a theater like that. I really enjoyed being in the theater with my cohorts we had a really great time watching the Purge movie.

After we finished watching the movie we were looking for a place to eat. We started walking outside and exploring the city, while we were looking for a restaurant to eat. It took us about 20 minutes to find a place that everyone agreed to eat. That place was the Burrito Beach. I have been craving a burrito this whole week. I was very satisfied that everyone one picked to eat there. Then, my vice principal, Mr. McGee , came down to Burrito Beach, that was in downtown for a school district business and he came down to visit us and talk to us, how we were doing in the program? And from which school my cohorts are from? And what courses are we each of one taking. It was very nice of him coming down and talking to us we really enjoyed his company. Then he left because he was packing to go to Washington tomorrow and he is going to visit some family over there.
My Cohort Eating Burritos

After we finished eating at Burrito Beach, we started walking Omni Hotel to meet Alie, so we can talk about the plans for this week and where we want to go. We got to the hotel and we stayed to talk to Alie for about 15 minutes and then we came back to the campus.

Burrito Beach
When we got to the campus, my cohorts and I went to do laundry that is located in the basement of the building. While we were waiting for our clothes to wash and dry, Vicky and I decided to play ping-pong. I really had fun playing ping-pong is really fun and I kind of got the hang of it even though it was my first time playing ping-pong. It wasn’t Vicky first time and I still won her in ping-pong. After we finished doing our laundry we decided to do a group blog in the west lounge and that’s how we ended our night.

The View Outside The Theaters
Fireworks On Our Way Back To The Campus

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