Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Day in the City

Today, I decided to go to the gym when I first woke up after sleeping in. I needed to sleep in after such a long week with many late nights. I spent about an hour at the gym, where I saw Jimmy and Victoria. I decided I was getting hungry, so Oyin and I had lunch/breakfast together at the dining halls. After breakfast, I spent some time organizing my room and getting ready for the day. 

We had not made any specific plans, but my cohort and I planned to get out of the dorms, and explore the city. Eventually, after about half an our of making plans, we decided to take the bus into the city and watch a movie. The movie we decided watch was called The Purge II, and it was just a silly horror movie. It turned out  that the director, Woody Allen, was in the theater at the time that we were watching the movie, but we did not get a chance to see him.

 After the movie, we went looking for a nice and not-so-expensive place to eat. Eventually, after walking for a couple blocks, we found a place called Burrito Beach. At Burrito Beach, I wasn't feeling so hungry so I just got some horchata, and I also picked up a organic quinoa salad for my friend Meg who missed dinner back at the dorms. At Burrito Beach, we met the vice principal of Jimmy's school, Mr. McGee. Mr. McGee was born and raised in Chicago, but he was just returning for a little bit this summer because he was participating in a conference about inner city schools. He said that the next morning he would be taking an early morning flight to Washington D.C., so he had to head out. It was so nice to be able to talk to Richmond High School's vice principal, and it was such a coincidence that he was in Chicago at the same time that we were.

Skyscrapers in Chicago

 After dinner, we went to the Omni Hotel to see Alie and talk to her about our plans for next weekend. Next week, we hope to go to the Sears Tower and eat Chicago-style deep dish pizza. For the remainder of the day, once we arrived back on campus, we all went down to do our laundry and then blogged. It was a nice laid-back day.

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