Sunday, July 20, 2014

Getting Ready for Week 2

This weekend, for my class, developmental psychology, our assignment was to write an introduction and literature paper. This is for our final project, where we will be observing the kids and seeing whether they take more goodies than the sign says they can. Part of this is writing a research paper on the experiment. Our professor, Cassie, wanted to give us the paper in parts so that it wouldn't be too much work all at once.

The introduction and literature review were the first section of the final paper that we were assigned. For the introduction and literature review, we had to explain our experiment and back up our hypothesis for our experiment with other research papers. Finding and then reading these research papers took a while, but I was able to focus well because I was in the library. The part of the library I was in was the glass dome, and it was absolutely quiet. It was really easy to focus there, and I got the paper done pretty quickly. 

Oyin came with me to the library for a while, she had bought a book at Barnes and Nobles and brought it to the library and read while I worked. She left after a while, and I finished about two hours later. 

Victoria ordered deep dish pizza for everyone, which was delicious, and I was so grateful for it after doing homework all day. I then went to the gym for about half an hour, and came back to work on my blog. The day went by quickly for me because I slept until about noon, and I am trying to get a good night's sleep and go to sleep early tonight.

I accomplished what I wanted today, and I hope this next week I can be a little more efficient with my time so I can get more sleep. Next week in class, we are going to start our experiments so I am really looking forward to that, because it is a little more active than what we were doing last week in class.

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  1. I hope you're all okay, Alexa. There seems to be an epidemic with ILCers sleeping in til noon. Are the beds that comfortable? Are they pumping sleeping gas through the air vents? Are the dreams that good?

    I'm happy to get 3-4 good hours of sleep and as much as I love my bed, sleeping until noon isn't even on my radar.

    Sounds like you're at least staying on top of your classwork.