Sunday, July 20, 2014

Star Wars Movie

Shannon And Tess Watching Star Wars
Today I woke at 9:30 AM because I needed to go watch Star Wars with Tess and Shannon, my classmates. I needed to meet them up at Tess's room at 10 AM. Then, we asked Shannon which movie of Star Wars we should watch because apparently she is a Star Wars movie fan. I went to Tess's room at 9:50 AM and she was still in bed because she had forgotten that we were going to meet here at 10 AM. Shannon was not at Tess's room so we waited for her to come. When she came we talked about which Star Wars movie we should see and we decided to see Star Wars: New Hope. 

The movie was two hours long and we watched the first hour of the movie that took us two hours to watch because we kept on pausing it in every scene to take notes. Then, we decided to take a break and go eat lunch at noon. After we finished eating lunch, we went back to Tess's room and watched the rest of the movie that took us and 1 hour and half. We ended up finishing the movie at 2 PM because we reviewed our notes to see if everything was right and if we hadn't missed anything else.

My delicious lunch
After I finished with my assignment, I went down to Dani's room and Vicky was there because Vicky had called me before from Dani's phone so we can go to T-Mobile to check to see if they could fix her phone; her screen is cracked. We stayed in Dani's room for about 30 minutes, talking about church, and then I shared with them that when I was small and used to go to church I used to sing at church. My cohort and I, we have really gotten very close in such a brief time. We act like if we have known each other for years, and that’s a good thing because I never thought we would be this close. We make fun of each other, we laugh together, and we help each other.

When we left Dani's room around 2:40 PM, Vicky and I started walking to the T-Mobile store that is only 15 minutes away from the campus. Dani didn't go with us because she needed to do work and study for her test tomorrow. When we arrived at the T-Mobile store, Vicky asked a worker how much they would charge her to fix the screen of her phone? The woman that was working in the store told her that they don’t fix screens but they would send her a new phone if she had insurance but she needs to pay $90 to get the new phone. Vicky said never mind and she asked what other store would they try to fix her screen phone and the woman told her to go check RadioShack that they might be able to fix it. RadioShack was just next to the T-Mobile store and we went inside and they told Vicky that they don’t fix LG phones. It was a waste of a walk because Vicky was not able to get her phone fixed.
Vicky then saw Giordano’s restaurant that is famous for their stuffed pizza. Mr. McGee had recommended us to go their yesterday when we saw him. Then, Vicky decided to buy a pizza to prove if it is the best pizza in Chicago like everyone else says. I thought Vicky was just going to get a pizza for herself, but she ordered a small pizza for everyone. The pizza was going to be ready in 45 minutes, so we decided to go to CVS to go buy a 2 liter bottle of soda for the pizza. I decided to buy the soda because Vicky had already bought the pizza. Then I told Vicky I wanted to buy a smoothie in a Sushi restaurant. I ordered a mango mixed with pineapple and it was the first and the best smoothie I have tried in Chicago. We walked back to Giordano’s restaurant and we waited for 15 more minutes to get our pizza. 

At West Lounge
When we got our pizza, we started walking back to the campus and when we were by the library, that is 5 minutes away from our dorms, we called Oyin and Alexa to meet us at Dani's room, so they can have a break from studying hard. Vicky and I realized that we didn't have cups to pour the soda in. We went to the bookstore that has a Starbucks inside too and we asked if we can get 5 cups and they were so generous to us and gave us the cups. When we got to Dani's room and knocked, Dani came running to the door and opened it and she was very happy that we brought food to eat. Dani doesn’t like pepperoni, so in the order we asked for half pepperoni and half cheese. Dani, Oyin, Vicky and I went to the West lounge to eat because we didn't want to make a mess in Dani’s room. Alexa was still studying in the library and she told us to save her a slice, so we did.
A view of the Chicago skyline on a hazy Sunday
After we finished eating the pizza, I waited 35 minutes so the food could digest and so I could go for a run by the beach. I started getting ready to go for a run and I left at 6 PM. I ran 15 miles from 6 PM to 8 PM, and I think that was too much for my body to handle because I haven’t run since one month ago. I ended being very sore and my calf hurts every time I walk. I’m not going to lie, it feels good because I haven’t been sore in a very long time.
One of the many beautiful buildings on campus


  1. Woa 15 miles I thought you said 8 :) Anyways glad you got to try deep dish! Also that building is the Museum of Science and Industry.

  2. Seems like you all have scoped the place out and are pretty familiar with where things are. You may not know where the libraries and study centers are but you found the pizza joint and the cell phone place--as we would expect a high school student to do.