Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chill Day at the School

Today was a chill day. I woke up at 12 PM and got ready to go to the dining hall to eat lunch before it closed at 1:30 PM. At lunch I ate fruit, herbal turkey, and fries. When I finished I went to my room to chill and do some of the questions for my lab report for a while before I did anything for the day. Around 2:30 I went to Dani's room to see where everyone was so that we could hangout but Alexa was at the library doing homework, Oyin was with her, Jimmy had homework but was almost finished by the time I went to Dani's room, and Dani was studying but I mainly just sat in her room while she did her work and until Jimmy was done with his homework. When Jimmy finished we both hung out in Dani's room before we left while she was taking a short break before going back to work.
Deep Dish at Giordano's
After being with Dani, we went to T-Mobile to see if I could get my phone fixed but ended up not being able to, so we ended up going to Giordano's, in Hyde Park, to get the famous deep dish pizza. When we got to Giordano's we ordered our pizza to share with everyone else. As we waited for the pizza we walked to CVS to get something to drink that we all could share and then walked back to Giordano's to wait a little longer for the pizza. The pizza took about 45 minutes to make but it was worth the wait. When we got our pizza, we walked back to campus to bring the pizza to Oyin, Alexa, and Dani. Unfortunately Alexa wasn't there with us to eat the pizza so we saved a piece for her and she later came and we all hung out in the lounge together. Then Alexa went to the gym and  stayed in the lounge and watched "Lady Sings the Blues". Around 7:30 PM Alexa, Oyin, and I regrouped and hung out in the lounge with our computers to blog. For the rest of the night I will be watching "Lady Sings the Blues" in the lounge with Alexa and Oyin and finishing my lab report for my class while Jimmy stays in his room relaxing because he was coming back from running and while Dani is studying in her room for her test tomorrow.


  1. Sorry about your phone that does not sound like fun, but I do love how you initiated the Giordano's pizza seems like you made everyone's night!

  2. Tell me again how much we spent so you could "chill" in Chicago? Oh my goodness--you're killing me, Vicky, you're just killing me. :-)

    From the descriptions and the photos in the other blogs, that pizza looks awfully nice--awfully nice.