Sunday, July 20, 2014

Deep Dish and Reading

I woke up this morning to a loud banging noise. It took a few minutes for to realize that someone was knocking on the door. Neither me or my roommate wanted to get up so we just let whoever was at the door keep knocking. It took a while but my roommate took one for the team and answered the door. One of her friends wanted to see if she wanted to go somewhere but she said no and shut the door. About forty minutes later, someone started knocking on our door again. This time, another friend of hers dropped off her laundry. I took all these interruptions as a sign that it was time for me to wake up and start  my day.

I spent a bulk of my day at the library with Alexa reading a book. I decided that I would start reading the Game of Thrones series so I bought the first book at the bookstore on campus and I kept Alexa company. After I got tired of the library, I changed scenery and I went into one of the lounges on campus. That wasn't the best idea because it was filled with people getting an orientation about another program here at UChicago. I vetoed reading and I went to check in on Dani because she shut herself in her room all day studying. It was good timing too because Jimmy and Vicky brought some deep dish pizza to Dani's room. We all went to West Lounge and we had our first deep dish pizza together.
Deep Dish Pizza
Tomorrow is the first day of the second week of my class. My goals are to get better at eating breakfast, ask more questions in class, develop a better strategy on reading the documents assigned to us, and to get more sleep. During the first week I was horrible in all of these things and this week I really want to see this improve. 


  1. It worries me to ask how late in the day it was that someone was pounding on your door. Please tell me it was someone waking you to go to an early breakfast.

  2. Ohh Game of Thrones glad you finally got to start reading it :)