Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Orientation at Pinole Middle

This evening there was an orientation where all the ILCers, chaperones, and parents had to attend, which took place at Pinole Middle School. I was so nervous because I ended coming late due to a family emergency but luckily my grandmother was there to take me. I'm glad I made it to the orientation anyways.

At the beginning of the orientation Don introduced himself and the chaperones again to the parents. After, he talked about the forms and things we would be talking about tonight. He then told us that we would be seperating into breakout sessions with our groups.

Our Chicago group went over the things we will be doing on our way to Chicago like visitingdifferent colleges before we arrive at the school. It's amazing to hear that we will be meeting more alums from the different schools. After the breakout session, the cohorts returned to the multipurpose room.

To finish up the orientation Don informed us about the checklist of stuff we might need for the trip to our colleges and what to expect when we get to our colleges. After hearing more of what to expect from Ms. Kronenberg, Don informed the parents and cohorts about the things we could borrow if we didn't have certain things like a fan or a suitcase. I'm glad I was able to get this information and knowing that I could be able to borrow material for this trip.