Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Big Dinner

The Group Photo
Yesterday was an exciting experience to meet new people. After taking the BART to San Francisco to go to the dinner at Prospect restaurant, we had to walk a short distance to get there. As we got to the restaurant, there were alumni, school board members, our chaperone, and other special guests who met us there. My cohorts and I got to meet the alums of UChicago before we all sat down for dinner. Tammy Spath, Elspeth Michaels, Gal Oppenheimer, and Andrew Stevens were much appreciated by my cohorts and I because they told us about what the school looked like, what it will be like in Chicago, and how their experience was  there.

Mr. Ramsey's Speech
It's nice to hear that the summer is the best time to go to Chicago because everyone there is going to be happy that it isn't cold and I'm excited to take the courses at the school and to explore the places in Chicago. It's refreshing to hear that the dormitories are somewhat like the ones in the Harry Potter movies and I'm so excited because I've been a big fan of Harry Potter since elementary.

At the dinner, I was seated at a table with Gal Oppenheimer, Carol Langbort, William K. Holsman, my dad, Norman Lewak, and Sewellyn Kaplan. We talked about the course I am taking and what the school was like a while ago. The alums at my table told me about the Sears Tower which is now called Willis Tower. The Willis Tower is a 108 stories high, 1,451-foot skyscraper in Chicago. Norman Lewak also talked about how UChicago was called The College. It was awesome to hear about what the school was like in the past and what it's like now.

After taking pictures with all the alumni and my cohorts after the dinner and having a great evening, I thank all the people who made this opportunity possible. Hearing the speech from Mr. Ramsey and Judith Blackwell, who couldn't make it to the dinner, was so inspiring and without Mr. Ramsey, the donors, and school board members I wouldn't be in this position to go to Chicago.