Sunday, June 8, 2014

Georgetown University

Jack the Bulldog
Georgetown University, which our Chicago cohort will be visiting on July 9th, is one of the nation’s best universities. Its history, renowned academic programs, and religious affiliation make it one of a kind.

Founded in 1789 by John Carroll and located in Washington, D.C., Georgetown U is the oldest private Catholic and Jesuit institute of higher learning in the country. Patrick F. Healy, the first African American to earn a Ph.D. and head a major U.S. university (who is often considered the second founder of Georgetown U ), reformed the university’s curriculum. He lengthened the medical and law programs, created the Alumni Association, and headed the construction of Healy Hall.
Healy Hall
After the Civil War, Georgetown students chose blue (the color of Union uniforms) and gray (the color of Confederate uniforms) as their official colors to show unity between students. Perhaps their motto, Utraque Unum (both into one), also demonstrates this unity.

The 16,000 or so students who go there have several schools to choose from: Georgetown College, Georgetown Law, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Robert E. McDonough School of Business, School of Medicine, McCourt School of Public Policy, and more.

The business program and opportunities to be involved in politics are some things that Georgetown University is known for. Ambitious political and business leaders have been shaped at Georgetown U, such as Bill Clinton, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (the former president of the Philippines), and various other governors, cabinet members, White House staff. Their basketball team, the Hoyas, is also ranked among the top basketball programs in the country.
Georgetown U's Library
Based on reviews by students, the social life there is pretty great. Though there are no Greek organizations, there are various museums, theaters, concert halls, and monuments to see, both on campus and in Washington D.C. (such as the White House, Smithsonian, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial). 

Based on some reviews online, I read how there are a lot of prerequisites students have to take. The review said they had no time for extracurricular classes. Though I’m guessing that’s probably what makes Georgetown U students so great, I also want to explore new topics in college and take some extracurricular classes. I’ll try to see if that’s the case when we visit.

Based on what I read online, what I like the best about Georgetown U is their mission. They “work together to help solve… poverty, disease and conflict”, and are committed to “justice and the common good.” I even read that students spend Spring Break helping communities outside of Washington, D.C., a tradition that continues today.
Georgetown U students shaving their heads for cancer
One of the things I learned from Elspeth and others at the SF dinner is that a big part of determining which college is for you is the feeling you get when you’re actually there—when you feel that place is just right. I don’t know if Georgetown will be the one for me, but I’ll definitely be ready to find out by July 9th.