Sunday, July 20, 2014

Movie Saturday

Today was a very relaxed and laid back day. I caught up on the sleep that I missed out on and I woke up just before noon. This very long first week of school has made me realize how sleep is very important. I had a lot of late nights this first week and at first I could go all day without getting tired but on the third or second day, I noticed myself getting really drowsy in the middle of the day. I'm making it a goal of mine to get more sleep in the second week so that I won't be as tired as I was this first week.

Once I was fully awake and dressed, I went to the dining commons with Alexa to grab lunch. We were brainstorming what we could do today and going to the city was at the top of our list. We wanted to take things easy today so we decided to go to the movies. The tricky part about this plan was trying to figure out how to get downtown. Me and Alexa were exhausting all of our resources to figure out the Chicago public transportation system. After twenty minutes of work, all we had was a really complicated way of getting to the movie theater. When we were trying to memorize the steps, Jimmy came and said that he asked the receptionist how to get there and he had an easier route. I will be the first one to admit that my skills with public transportation is the worst so I was really happy that Jimmy figured out everything for us.
On Our Walk to the Movie Theater
When our movie was over, I tried to find us a place to have dinner but I failed miserably so it was up to Jimmy. He lead us to Burrito Beach where we met his vice principal, Mr. McGee. He was here for some business with the school district and he wanted to check in on us. Mr. McGee was really kind to us and he gave us some advice about where we could go in Chicago to have fun. After our meeting with Mr. McGee, we walked to Alie's hotel so that we could say hello to her and make plans for the rest of our trip. 

I ended my relaxing day by doing laundry with my cohort. I'm glad to say that laundry wasn't too difficult for me. I got my clothes separated and everything. I only had trouble with finding a dryer that actually worked and I accidentally paid for Alexa's clothes to dry. As of now, she owes me a dollar to wash my clothes, or to dry them. 

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