Sunday, July 27, 2014

Trip to Millennium Park

This morning I woke up at 8:15 AM so that we could all go to the info session at 9 AM. Before we went to the info session we got breakfast and left around 8:50 AM because the place wasn't that far from the dorms. The place where the info session was held is called Julius Rosenwald Hall. On our way there we ran into Leilani from the Chicago dinner. In the info session they talked about applying to the school and what majors and minors were the most popular. After the info seesion Oyin, ALexa and I went back to the hall to get a folder with all of the information and ended up running into Teddy and Eric. We talked to Teddy for a couple of minutes and then we left because Oyin and Alexa were going to church with Dani.

While Oyin, Dani, and Alexa went to church Jimmy and I went to the city to go see the bean in Millennium Park and we got there by bus. We left campus around 2 PM. While we were in the city we saw some people drumming on buckets  making music, which was very interesting to me. Then we went to Target to buy some things we needed. When we left Target there were people protesting about the killings of children. We also saw my roommate Katherine. After that we went to a variety of stores to look around. Then we walked to this area where there was a Chicago Summer Dance Festival and we sat an listened to the music for a while until we went back to the dorms.

But when we first got to the city we walked by The Crown Fountain. Before we left we went to go eat Subway and then we walked to the bus stop to catch the bus back to the dorms. I really enjoyed being in the city and I also enjoyed all of the entertainment that occurred today. When we got back to the dorms we met up with Alexa and Oyin in Keller House lounge. Dani wasn't there because she had work to do. We hung out until curfew and Jimmy went back to his room an hour after while Oyin, Alexa, and I stayed in Keller lounge. I left 45 minutes after Jimmy and Oyin and Alexa were getting ready to leave as well. I ended the night in my room with my roommate doing an assignment from class.

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