Sunday, July 27, 2014

Busy Day

I had a lot of work that I needed to get done for my sustainability class. I had to finish my BRICS assignment with my partner, I had to finish the book Enough is Enough and I needed to write a reflection on the documentary that we watched in class Friday. To add to all of this, I also had to prep for our afternoon speakers for tomorrow.

After breakfast, I went to the John Crerar Library with Dani to try and finish some of this work. Last night, I prepared most of the information that I needed for the PowerPoint and I only needed to try and find a few extra things. I had a lot of trouble with finding out any sustainable infrastructure that the South African government invested in and that really troubled me because it was the last bit of information that I needed. I asked my partner Barbara for help and she was able to link me a document that answered the question for me. Once I had doubled checked all the information that I had, I was able to put it onto the PowerPoint and Barbara was able to do the same with the information that she had researched.

I was really glad that I got the PowerPoint finished and that opened up some time for me to finish reading Enough is Enough. Me and Dani got caught up in our work and we didn't realize that the time was going by really fast. It wasn't until about three hours after the dining commons closed that we realized that we missed lunch. Luckily, dinner wasn't too long away so we decided that we would just wait until dinner time to go eat. At this point, I was already really close to finishing the book and I had already submitted my documentary reflection paragraph. When Dani was finished with her work, we decided to go back to the dorm rooms to relax before it was dinner time. 

After dinner, I went to an empty lounge so that I could finish reading Enough is Enough. At this point in the course, it is becoming easier for me to read the business and economic language that I come across. Before at the start of the course I would have to read slower so that I could comprehend the material. Now, I am able to read the material at a quicker pace and I'm understanding it even more. In between my reading, Barbara came to me so that we could add some last minute touches to our presentation and to make sure that we were ready for tomorrow. When we finished that, I went back to reading Enough is Enough and I was able to finish that also.

I got all of my work done sooner than I expected today. I thought that I would have to work into the night like the other days but I finished everything surprisingly early. I'm not complaining because that means that I could potentially get more sleep tonight. I got more sleep this week but my eating breakfast had to suffer because I kept on sleeping in. I was able to develop a better flow this week and I sort of developed a pattern for my day that I stuck to. This week, I want to make the best out of my last week here. In class, I want to see my presentation skills improve and I want to spend as much time as I can with a lot of the people here. 

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