Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day Off

Today I took the day off so I can get some rest. The whole week I had only slept about five-hours each day. I wanted to repower up for tomorrow. I missed breakfast and lunch. I woke up late in the afternoon around 2 O’clock.  I started to work on my revision for my personal story because Achy send an email to everyone to correct our dialogue, punctuation, and use the elements that she has taught us. I needed to change the last paragraph to a failure. My character desire was to win a soccer tournament. The failure needed to be that he doesn’t win the tournament. I was into the story that I forgot about the elements.  That’s the first thing I started doing when I woke up.

Then, I took a break to go make some popcorn in the kitchen on Halperin lounge. I went upstairs to Vicky room, asked her if she wanted some popcorn. Vicky wanted to make pizza that she bought yesterday in Target. We went to the kitchen on Halperin lounge. We stayed there because the pizza was going to take forty minutes to make in the oven. While we waited, Vicky and I started playing foosball. We barely started playing, when Alexa comes in to the lounge, coming back from class. She looked very tired and sleepy. Vicky asked her if she wanted pizza that she was making.

When the pizza was ready, Vicky cut the pizza into three slices for Alexa and me. When I finished eating the pizza, I went upstairs to get my laptop, to keep on working on my last paragraph. Then Oyin came back from the library where she was at with Dani. Oyin was by herself when she came to the lounge. Vicky was working on her lab report. I was working on my personal essay. Oyin than joined us by reading her book that she needs to read six chapters.

Later on, we all went to get dinner at the Dining Hall. But first, Oyin needed to wake up Dani because she told her when we go to get dinner to wake her up. We got to the Dining Hall, sat down together and started talking about how our day was going. We stayed at the Dining Hall for an hour. We went back to the dorms to keep doing our work. I stayed in my room and worked on the worksheets that Pamela left me. It was work sheets about simple past tense verbs, regular and irregular.

When, I was done with all the work sheets, I went down to Keller lounge where Alexa and Oyin were. I started reading the book that Pamela gave me. The book name is, “A Girl Named Zippy.” This book is about the author telling her story when she was three years old. I barely started reading it, so far I have read to chapter two. This book was interesting that the author can remember all those memories since she was three years old. My memories could only remember from age five.

Then, I went up to Went lounge with my group Evan and Liwen to revise our story. The story was due at midnight. We didn't really work on it for a long time. We changed a few things and fixed our dialogue. After we finished revising the story, Evan read the story to see if we can change things or cut unwanted details.

Today was only for work and sleep. I needed to be responsible and turn my work in. Besides, my mind was weak every time I get a moment of silence I would fall asleep. I needed to restore energy back to my body. Overall, today was a good day I had fun playing Foosball with Vicky and Alexa.

I hope tomorrow goes well. I wonder if Achy would like any of the class stories because she was really upset about the dialogue errors. I hope I get feedback from her about my story. I know is not going to be good feedback, but at least she can tell me was wrong with it so I can go back and revise the story. 
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