Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday's Class

Even though I was the only one in the cohort who had class today, Oyin, Dani, and Victoria also had breakfast with me, before I started walking to class. Because it was Sunday, the building was locked and we all had to meet at 9:30 at a specific spot around the building. Class started out with the studies right away. The different groups all joined up, and discussed details of the study before the participants showed up. The first participant was the daughter of the program daughter. Cassie jokingly told us this was the one participant whose study had to be perfect. Her daughter was six years old. This time, I did all of the talking with her. She was very cute and cooperative. She also, like the first participant in our study, took two toys from the bowl. She was also honest about it, and told on Meg, the negative peer influence, the moment I reentered the room. So we started to see a pattern emerging, but unfortunately out of about ten participants, only the two we tested were girls. For this reason, my group is going to have to use the data of a second group to make a more complete research paper. The other group, which consists of Katherine, Eugenia, and Cookie, is basically doing the same study as us, with a few changes, but with boys. We are going to compare what we found out with our subjects with what they found with theirs.

Our next assignment is to write up the results/discussion portion of the final paper. This is supposed to be about three pages long, but it should include charts and graphs. The results part of the paper is supposed to have all of the raw data and statistics of the study we did. We have to show the data in multiple forms. The discussion part is more about what our findings mean and how what we learned can be applied outside of just the study. This is due by Wednesday, and we just started because we just finished gathering all of our data today. Our first participant was at about 9:45 and the study only took about ten minutes, so we had a lot of time in class to just work on our paper. I revised my introduction and literature review again, as well as my methods, and then I e-mailed them to Cassie. She told she would do a second look over of our papers if we e-mailed them to her by tomorrow morning, so I took advantage of the opportunity. We also all reviewed our videos and recorded the data. We had to stay in class until 3:30 and then we were let go.

 After class, I walked back to the dorms, where I met Victoria and Jimmy in a lounge. I hung out with them for a while, and we played foosball. Then after a bit, we all went to dinner. I wanted to work on my paper some, and everyone else had work to finish for tomorrow so we went to a lounge. Tomorrow I will probably work on my paper, and I might go into the city with Catherine and Eugenia if I have enough time.

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