Sunday, July 27, 2014

Exploring Millennium Park

Watching the sun rise
Today in the morning I needed to wake up early to go to the admission info at 9 AM. I started getting ready; put my laptop in my backpack because after the session I was meeting up with Pamela. I needed to meet up with the girls at the Dining Hall, from there we would go to the admission office. When we got to the admission office, they told us were the presentation was being held. The presentation was about the academics and courses that the school provides, early admission, be creative on your prompts, what are the best qualities of the school, goes by quarters, dorms are divided by houses groups, and could be undecided until your third year of college. I have learned more about the school because my RA talked about it in the first day. Pamela give me background info about the campus.
Ready for church

When the Info session finished, I left the building and started jogging to the International house. I got there at 10:15 AM. I thought that Pamela was at the door waited for me, but she got stuck in traffic. When Pamela arrived at the International House, she apologized for being late, and asked where I want to work at. We went outside; to work revise my personal story. We went through the last paragraphs that I finished last night. We were revising the story because it was due today at noon. In my last paragraphs I was still making the same mistakes with the verbs ending. I was reading the paragraphs as Pamela goes along with me and stop me where I have an error. I needed to spy where the error was at and fix it. When we were done with the last paragraph, I needed to read the whole story because I still had errors to fix and ideas to add.  I still need to keep working on my verbs ending. I took off information that we didn't needed in the story. 

As I arrived to campus, I went to my room to leave my backpack and go down to get Lunch. At the Dining Hall, I saw Vicky and joined her. I asked Vicky if she wanted to go to the downtown Chicago. Alexa,Dani, and Oyin were not in campus because they went to church with Dani. Then Vicky and I went to up to get ready because we were leaving at 2 PM from the campus. When we arrived to the park, we walked to clown fountain, they are this two square tall rocks building. I think the clown fountain is so beautiful because is something that I have never seen. We were going to Millennium Park to walk around and to go see the famous bean. I also wanted to attend the Chicago summer dance that Pamela showed me and told me go check it out. Pamela told me about the summer dance because I told her that I like to dance and learn new dances. This is what Chicago summer dance is every weekend starting from Friday they have different variety of dances from around the world. From 6 PM to 7:30 Pm they would have dance lessons. From 7:30 to 9 PM is free-for-all dance to show what you have learned.

Then, Vicky and I went to Target because she needed to buy soap and toothpaste. I bought a pack of popcorn because we been having movies night and people be having popcorn, I love popcorn.  It was such a coincidence that Vicky saw her roommate in Target too. 

Vicky wanted to go back to campus because she needed to work on a lab report. We didn't really know how to get back, so we ended up walking a lot because we thought that the number six bus was going to pass in the opposite directions like in the Bay Area. We were wrong. I pulled out the bus app that shows me a map of all the bus stops close to my area. Then, I search for the number six bus that was 3 blocks away from us but in a different street. I thought this was very confusing that they don’t go back to the same street. Finally, Vicky and I were able to find the bus stop and it was another great weekend even though we just went to explore Millennium Park.

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