Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Last Day of Summer Session

In the morning I woke up at 8 AM and my roommate was packing to leave around lunch time like the other people in our program who were leaving to go home. I really am going to miss my roommate because she is cool, funny, and is like a best friend to me. We never had any disagreements or didn't have a weird relationship where we don't talk at all. I really didn't expect to be so attached like we were as a best friend but it just happened that way. She left to go to breakfast with our neighbors like usual but after that I didn't see her so she said bye before she went to breakfast.

At breakfast I ate some eggs, bacon, and cantaloupe. Then I went to class but I forgot my poster so I had to go back to my room and get it which caused me to be late but the professor and TA didn't mind because all we were doing was working on our posters more so we could present them in the second part of class. After we finished our posters we hung them up in the hallway of the second floor in our building. Sadly I didn't finish mine in time to get lunch and come back on time. I'm glad I went later because it was raining and I didn't have my umbrella. But when I did, it only sprinkled. For lunch I had mac & cheese, fruit, and ice cream.

When I got back to class we started presenting our posters. My poster didn't have that much on it but was presentable and informational about the Colorado Tick Fever. While we presented our posters we got to eat some snacks that the biotech class gave us. It was just a bunch of varieties of cheese and bread. After we finished we went back to our lab and voted for  best Titles and best posters. Max won the title contest and Kim won the poster contest. Then before we left we took a class photo.

When I got back to my room I finished my protocol questions that were due and started on a new one that has to be turned in this weekend. After I was done I went to the Keller lounge and hung out with the Chicago Fam and Kaitlyn and got my nails done by Kaitlyn.

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