Friday, August 1, 2014

Last day in Chicago

The Sunrise walking back to our rooms
In the morning Alexa and I went to Starbucks to go buy a cappuccino for Alexa, so she could no.  I ordered a hot chocolate with a chocolate glazed doughnut. We went to Starbucks because she stayed all night working on her presentation that she had today. She needed to be awake at 7:30 AM because her group was going to rehearse for the presentation.  When we were on our way back to the campus, a security guy started talking to us and he asked where we were staying at because he had seen us passing once already. We told him that in South Campus Residence Hall. Then, he told us that if we knew that we had a Dining Hall there. We said yes but it was close. Alexa and I found out that securities work at night too. He told us that he been there since two in the morning and his shift finishes at 8:30 AM. We never knew about this and it surprised me because I couldn’t believe that they are there the whole night. When we arrived to South Campus Residence Hall we went to Halperin lounge where we were at working. Then, we started drinking our drinks and the doughnut too. I finished eating a group member of Alexa team came to the lounge to start rehearsing. I went upstairs to my room to sleep.

But First Let me Take a Selfie.
I woke up from the noise of the rain and it was barely noon. I started getting ready because I needed to talk to Achy for my grade argument. She was going to talk to us individual. But we needed to go at whatever time we wanted to from noon to four in the evening. I went to the Dining Hall to get lunch first. After I was done eating, I started walking to my class. When I got there she was alone, so I was able to talk to her. Achy told me that I have worked hard in the class, but we both knew that I was not prepared. She told me that I have improved these three weeks. That made feel good about myself. She recommended me to find someone who would work with me one on one. Also, she asked me how old I was when I came to the United States; I told her I was six years old. Achy also came to the United States when she was six years old from Cuba. Achy knew I was not in the level as my classmates because they all came from number one schools in the country and state. She also told me that if she was in high school she wouldn’t be in the level as them either. I remembered that she told us on the first day of class that she dropped off from high school. But she worked hard to get her Bachelor’s degree. Then she told me to keep working hard, to keep in touch with her, and that she would give me a letter of recommendation if I ask her for it.  She gave me a hug and a kiss, to not forget to keep in touch with her.

Cloud Bean
The Beautiful View
Group Picture
Later on, we went to Millennium Park with Alexa, Dani, Oyin because she haven’t seen the famous Cloud Bean and plus it was our last day to explore Chicago. We met Alie at the Millennium Park, so we could go to the Navy Pier. We walked about twenty minutes before we got to the Navy Pier. We wanted to get on the Ferry Wheel to see the City of Chicago all the way from the top. The ride was awesome and the view from the top was beautiful. When we got off from the Ferry Wheel, we went to take a group picture with Chicago skyscrapers behind us.
More Beautiful View

Navy Pier
Then, we went to go eat at the 20 degree to try the Chicago style hot dog. I ordered the Chicago style and a salad called, Fiesta Salad. We were talking about if we were going to miss people from school, what university we want to go from the ones we visit, and what time we need to be ready tomorrow. We finished eating and we came back to campus.
Chicago Hot Dog Style P.S I put ketchup on it

We all decided to go pack and take a shower and meet in Keller lounge at 9:30 PM. I went upstairs and finished packing because I started packing earlier in the day. Then, I went to Keller lounge where all the girls were at using their computers. We found out that in the West lounge they had an Ice cream fest. We all went to go get ice cream. Then, at noon we all singed happy birthday to Dani, she’s turning sixteen. We ended our night watching a movie.

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