Friday, August 1, 2014

Reading Presentation

Today in class we workshop our personal stories. Achy gave us a great advice to not use straight forward words. Such as, rape, murder, fight etc… Instead of using those words we should describe it, so the reader can put the puzzle it together. When we finished on the workshops, we needed to read our obituary out loud. I like how all my classmates have big goals for when they grow up. All of them want to become great writers. I hope that they do reach their dreams because all of them are great writers in my perspective. We finished reading our obituary around in the afternoon. Achy then told us what we needed to turn in today. First, in an index card we needed to write how we wanted to get introduce when we go do our reading presentation in Seminar Co-op Bookstore. Second, we needed to send her emails about what are we going to read. Last, was to email her our arguments about our grade.

I came to my room and took an hour nap, so I would get lunch. I woke up from my nap. I went down to the Dining Hall where I saw Oyin with three of her classmates. I sat down with Oyin and asked her what she was doing. She interrupted me by asking where I was doing my reading presentation. I was in shocked and asked her how she found out about it. Then, she told me that Alexa has texted Alie last night, so Alie could come to help her on her homework. Oyin told me that all four of them were going to my presentation. It made me feel appreciated that they wanted to go watch me. Before she left back to class, I told her where my reading presentation was going to be.

I went to up to my room, someone knock on my door minutes later and it was Vicky. She wanted to know if I was in my room, what I was doing, and if I wanted to come downstairs to play Foosball with her. We went downstairs to play Foosball for an hour. Then, we went to my room because she wanted to do her homework in my class.

Pamela and I usually routine
Later, I went to meet up with Pamela. Today was my last day with Pamela. We ate some snacks that she brought. Pamela took out the vocabulary assignment that she left me yesterday. She was surprised about the work I had done. She said if I keep working with this type of materials when I go back home I would truly improve on my vocabulary. We also practice on my rehearsal for my reading presentation. We practiced at least four to five times because I wanted to gained confidence and not get nervous when I present. Pamela and I walked together to the Seminary Co-op Bookstore. Before that we passed to see the Booth Hall. Booth is the business school in Chicago. We went inside the building because she wanted to show me the winter garden. This building is so beautiful. I was very lucky to go inside and see it because they don’t let other students go in if you don’t go there. We started to walk to the Bookstore and when we got there I introduced Pamela to Achy.
Winter Garden (Booth)

The presentation started Robert went first and he read one of his stories that he worked in class. Then, four of them went and present. The presentation that I really liked was Lisa about Mr. John Greenwood. She was really dramatic and the words she used for her poem are just incredible. I loved her poem. It was my time to present and I was ready because I had prepared myself. I did a good job because when I was presenting I felt confident and ready. When the presentation finished I introduced Pamela to Alie. After, Pamela gave me a card and a book to read on my flight back home. Then we said our goodbyes to each other.

Alie, Alexa, Vicky and I were walking back to South Campus. I was talking to Alexa about that I don’t have class tomorrow. Then, she showed me one of her poems that she wrote on her freshman year. The poem was really great she have skills too. Alexa and Alie were working on the Halperin lounge, so I brought my stuff to join them.

At 9 PM we had our last study breaks and today we had cupcakes. My RA made cupcakes because it was going to be three people birthday on Saturday. They were Dani, William, and Amodhya birthdays. I also took a picture with my RA. I forgot to take a picture with Pamela, so I could have kept it for memory.
Jill (RA) and I

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