Saturday, August 2, 2014

Returning Home

Since yesterday was the last day of class, many students in the summer program left later that day, so the dorms were already partially empty by the end of the day. I woke up at seven in the morning because the shuttle which was going to take us to the airport was going to arrive at eight. In the morning we had to turn in some sheets about property damage and returning our transportation cards. We also had to turn in our sheets and towels. The morning was pretty rushed, but I managed to get out of the dorms on time. By the time I got outside with Oyin and Dani, Alie was already there waiting with the shuttle. We waited for a few extra minutes for everyone in the cohort to come out of the dorms, and then we headed to the airport.

When we got there, we already knew the drill. Print boarding passes, check bags, go through security, find the gate. We had plenty of practice with airports from the first week of our trip, so we were very efficient at this point. We arrived plenty early for our flight, and we did not eat breakfast back at the dining halls, so we all sat down at a restaurant for breakfast in the airport. After breakfast we went to the gate, where we met one of the girls who was in the summer program. I'm not sure what class she took, but we talked to her for a bit and she was really nice. It turned out that she was actually seated in the row behind us on the plane. Our flight was first to Arizona, and then from Phoenix we flew to SFO. On the flight, I listened to music, read a book for a summer assignment, did Sudoku puzzles, and talked. The flights felt like they went pretty quickly. Between the two flights we got lunch in the airport.

We arrived to SFO on time, and headed down to baggage claim. People's parents started to arrive and we all said hello. Once the luggage arrived, we all said our goodbyes. It was sad, but I am sure I will see my cohort again at some point. We took some last pictures and then all headed home. 

 Once at home, my Dad had made a really delicious meal, which was a nice change from all of the dining hall food I had been eating for the past three weeks. After dinner I showed them pictures and told stories about my trip that might not have been in my blogs. They also had a lot of questions about what I thought of the different universities we visited.

 It is nice being home and being able to rest. I have a couple more weeks before school starts again to recharge and prepare for the new school year. 

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