Saturday, August 2, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Today was our last day in Chicago and we needed to meet at the front of the South Campus Residence Hall, where we got dropped off for the first time. I felt a mix feeling of sad and happy. I was sad because I enjoyed staying in Chicago, but I didn’t explore all of it. I was happy because I was going to be home with my family again. The Uber was waiting for us at in front already and I was the last one to get out from the building. My Cohorts was already there ready to leave.  Then, the driver put my stuff in the back of trunk, stared heading off to the Chicago O'Hare International Airport. When were on our way to the airport I was admiring one last time the beautiful skyscraper’s of Chicago.
When we got to the airport, we ate breakfast at Chili’s. I order a Southwestern Omelet, my last time eating in Chicago. We were happy that we were finally going home. My cohorts were talking about that they were going to miss their roommates and some of their classmates. The only classmates that I really got close to were, Evan and Robert.  They were some cool guys to hang out. I’m following Evan onInstagram, so we can keep in touch once in a while. Robert didn’t had an Instagram he only had a twitter, but I don’t. We bought our last Starbucks at Chicago and as usual I order my favorite Frappuccino, Mocha Cookie Crumble. We started to board the plane around 11 AM, for a two hours flight to Phoenix.
When we arrived at Phoenix around 1:30 PM, we needed to wait forty-five minutes for the plane to take off again. Alie, Vicky, and I decided to go walk because all of us can’t stand sitting down for more than an hour. We got out to go walk. Dani, Oyin, and Alexa stayed in the plane because they didn’t want to go walk. But minutes later, we saw them outside because Dani and Oyin needed to use the bathrooms. Then, Alieasked us if we didn’t want something to eat and we all ended buying Panda Express. When I finished my food, we went back to the plane because they were starting to aboard. Now, we were ready to go home. The flight took about an hour and a half.
When we landed on San Francisco International Airport we all got happy to be back in California. We got out and went to the baggage claim to get our luggage. We got there and one minute later someone taps me in my right shoulder and it was my dad. Behind him was my mom with my two big brothers, which I never thought they were coming. I was only expecting my dad and mom to come and pick me up. Then few minutes later Oyin parents come through the door and Oyin’s mom starts running towards her. That was so cute and beautiful to see. They both said hello to us and welcomed us back.  We all waited for everyone to get their luggage, so we can say our last goodbye until we see each other again later on at Helms. Dani was the last one to get her luggage. When she got her luggage, we said bye to each other with a hug.
Then, I left with my parents to go eat dinner at Cheese Cake Factory. After we were done eating we started heading to our house. When I got home I went straight to my bed and said, “Home sweet home.”

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