Sunday, May 18, 2014

Meeting at Mountain Mikes

The Chicago cohort and the chaperone for the trip, Alie, a teacher at Helms, gathered for a meet and greet at Mountain Mike's Pizza in San  Pablo, on a hot and dry day, May 12. When I arrived, all of the other students and Alie were just sitting down. 

We ordered cheese, pepperoni, veggie, and Hawaiian pizza. We introduced ourselves by stating our names, grades, and what schools we went to. Some of the other students I recognized, like Dani, who I had seen at previous interviews, and Oyin, who goes to my school and is in the grade above me. We also shared with each other what activities we participated in outside of school, and as it turns out all of us are very dedicated to athletics, playing instruments, or both. We also discussed which classes we would be taking at Chicago, and it turns out everyone is taking a different class, meaning we will all have very different experiences to bring back from Chicago. Alie told us she majored in psychology in college, and because I am taking the developmental psychology course, she might be able to help me if I need it. 

Then we played "two truths and a lie" just to learn a little more about each other, which was a fun way to open up to each other. As our pizza arrived and we started eating, Alie helped us brainstorm fun activities we could take part in while in Chicago, including visiting the piers and trying traditional deep-dish Chicago pizza. We finished up eating and put left overs into to-go boxes. We then took some pictures and said goodbye to each other, not for long though, with the school board meeting coming up in just two days.

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  1. I am very excited for you to be taking developmental psychology and definitely if you have extra questions about your course load I'd be happy to help!