Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Great Day at the School Board Meeting

I’ve been waiting for the School Board Meeting for a while.

I did the typical girl routine in the 30 or so minutes I had to get ready before heading out to De Jean: I showered, brushed my teeth, did my hair, and overturned about half my closet looking for clothes to wear.

I arrived at De Jean and found my cohort. Before the meeting started, we gathered together and were told to sit with our cohort, walk to the podium when it was our turn, and smile (I didn’t have anything else to worry about—I wasn’t a speaker). Since the Chicago cohort went last, we had the privilege of watching everyone go before us. 

I thought I would be nervous being presented to the school board members, but I was strangely calm. I was extremely happy that I was given that opportunity, and tried to convey that by smiling a lot (my face hurt afterwards). If you had asked me to stand in front of a panel of obviously important people with several intelligent people behind my back a couple months ago, I would've been terribly nervous. Already, the Ivy League Connection's changing me.
Oyin speaking during the presentation of our cohort

Two students who took part of the ILC also spoke. I forgot their names, but I remember the guy took Constitutional Law and will attend UPenn this year. I also remember the second speaker, a girl, went to Hercules and will attend Harvard.

Harvard and UPenn! I think going to schools as great as those is every present ILC member’s dream.

After all the cohorts had gone, the sponsors were asked to go up. I distinctly remember one being a fabric/sewing company. Everyone gave them a standing ovation, of course.

After that, we took a group photo. Everyone kept fixing their hair or something (yes, Don yelled). I looked at the photo Don sent us and to my surprise, of all people, my dad stands out. He has his entire body in the picture! Of all people.
I counted, what, three girls fixing their hair? Barely anyone was ready at this point.

What definitely made my week (which I’ve needed, considering the stress I’ve had due to finals):

1.) People in my old interviews remember me!
2.) I saw people I don’t usually talk to in person today (like Carson, Michelle, and Lisa)
3.) I was able to watch a school board meeting for the first time
4.) I found out my cohort’s traveling for four days before landing in Chicago! I’m excited (I heard some other cohorts would be going to the same schools, too. That’d be the best if we all went at the same time)!

I found out today that my cohort’s visiting Georgetown University and Northwestern, among others. I never knew how prestigious those universities were until now. It still amazes me how ignorant I am about colleges and universities outside California, and how the ILC took their money and time to plan this. Thank you!!!!!!

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  1. Just wait until you get to learn more about the universities, visit them and meet admissions and current students who go there!