Sunday, May 18, 2014


 Yesterday morning, I woke up much earlier than normal for a Saturday morning so that I could attend the blog tutorial at De Anza High School. Don picked me up at 7:40 so that he could have time to set up for the tutorial. Victoria and I were both there first since we got a ride with Don. We went into the computer lab where we would be working and soon after Jimmy and Oyin arrived. We got down to business right away. Don started by telling us the basic rules to follow to have a successful experience with the ILC, and then we started working on how to blog. This included how to format, what to focus on when writing, and then we looked at good and bad examples of blog posts. Another really important part of blogging is taking photos and figuring out how to put them in your blog. Don then let us borrow some of his cameras to practice taking pictures and posting them in blogs. 

The Chicago cohort, minus Dani, hard at work

This wasn't just a tutorial on blogs though, it also felt like an introduction to the orientation. We got the finalized dates of our departure and arrival from the trip. The more I hear about the exact dates and where we will be going, the more excited I feel, because it feels more realistic with exact dates put on these events. Overall, this blog tutorial taught me so much and I feel much more prepared to go back east, and will feel even more prepared, I'm sure, after the orientation and dinner.

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