Sunday, May 18, 2014

First Hellos

On May 12, I had the opportunity to meet with the students who will be attending the University of Chicago with me over the summer and I also met our chaperon, Alie. We decided to go to Mountain Mike's Pizza in San Pablo at around 5:30 PM. I got there early and I waited for everyone to show up. About five minutes later, one of the participants showed up and our chaperon was close behind. Pretty soon everybody arrived and we got the semi-awkward first hellos out the way and we eventually got settled with each other.

From talking to the others, I learned that Dani doesn't have five fish, Victoria is a music kid (like I am), Jimmy doesn't skate (although he could potentially participate in a triathlon one day), and Alexa is a gymnast. I also learned that our chaperon hasn't been living in California all of her life and she is a vegetarian but a good burger is her weakness.

I enjoyed meeting everyone for the first time and I am looking forward to what else is going to come from this experience. I'm excited to do some of the activities we planned on doing when we got to Chicago like going out to eat, going to a museum, visiting a lake or a beach, and celebrating Alie and Dani's birthdays. I'm ready for what's next in my adventure with this group of people that I just met.

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  1. It will definitely be a great adventure and I'm glad you're excited.