Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Move Into UChicago

One of the Many Quads
Today I woke up at 9:45 AM so that I could get ready to get breakfast at a restaurant called Sunny Side Up down the street from the hotel. We all met in the hallway at 10 AM since we all were ready at the same time. It was raining but we managed to get back to the hotel after breakfast to hangout for about 45 minutes before we left to go to UChicago. When we arrived at the school and went straight to the West Lounge to check-in and get the rules and policies folder they were giving out before we went on the tour of the school later. Before we had gone on the tour we went to a big room where the Director of Admission talked about some of the rules they have and then later introduced all of the students to the RAs. My RA’s name is Anton and he is basically the go to guy when we need anything and he is also the person we check-in with for curfew. So after being introduced to the RAs we split up in different tour groups by the kind of star color we had on our name tags they gave us when we checked in that matched the RA’s star on their name tags. Mine was a gold star and so each one of the cohort split up in different groups for the tour and Alie had to stay behind.

The Bookstore
On the tour we walked on different streets that the campus was on, seeing that it is a big campus. Anton showed us one of the many libraries that has some sort of robot that gets the books for you and the different quads they have. He let us know about the athletic fitness centers on campus. Anton also showed us the places where they held some of the sports nights. I really liked seeing the ice skating rink they have, unfortunately not usable at this time. I also got to see one of the quads where some of the science classes are held in. We ended around 3 PM and had to wait to check-in again for our IDs in order to get in our dorm rooms and a Welcome packet with maps of the school, a lanyard for our IDs, maps of places to eat, a pamphlet on how to access the internet, and a guide for guests brochure. After I got my ID I went to get my bags that was held in a room while they got all of the rooms ready and went to my room and surprisingly met my roommate a few minutes after I entered my room. My roommate’s name is Katherine and she is so nice and energetic which I like about her. She actually offered to make my bed and she waited for me to unpack my things so we could leave to go to the bookstore with other people but the bookstore was closed and I didn’t get to go with them because I was waiting for the cohort and we ended up just checking out the basement where it had music rooms, a recreational center pool tables and Ping-Pong. I was introduced to Eugenia, Amber (which I met in my tour group), Edga, and I met Olivia at a dining hall called Cathey Dining Commons when we ate dinner at 5:30 PM.
The Manseto Library

 At 7 PM we had to meet with our RAs in out dorm houses. My dorm house is called Kenwood. At the meeting with Anton we talked mainly about the rules and policies but before we started talking about that we sat in a circle and he had us talk to the person sitting next to us and get their name, where they are from, and what’s an interesting fact about them. Then he had us share to the whole group about the person next to us. The person’s name that I was sitting next was Patrick, he is from Bloomington in Illinois, and a fact about him is that he is taking the course called Collegiate Writing. At the end of the meeting we had to find out what animal has the first letter of our names and my name is Vicky the Velociraptor.

After the meeting we went to our rooms before study break at 10 PM where we would go back down to where the meeting was, in Kenwood House, and hangout. I checked in for curfew early so I could go to my room and lay down because I wasn’t feeling good and we had about 30 minutes before the study break so that gave me time to get a little better. At the study break we basically just played board games and card games but I didn’t stay for long because the cohort met and took a group picture with our Chicago things on. Then after the pictures I went to my room, took a great relaxing shower, and to bed I go.
Our UChicago hoodies and Alexa w/ her UChicago shorts

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  1. The student area with all of the games and pool and pingpong table sounds cool you'll have to keep us updated if you get to play!