Sunday, July 13, 2014

Finally in the University of Chicago

This morning I woke up very happy for two reasons: I had a very long nice sleep because we woke up late for the first time and we are going to Chicago to our dorms where we are going to stay for the next three weeks. I woke up at 9:30 AM because my cohorts and I wanted to go and get a nice long breakfast instead of just rushing everywhere. We went to this restaurant name Coffee Shoppe and it was just three blocks away from the hotel. I think this is what’s nice about the city that there’s a lot of variety of food everywhere and close too. When we finished eating we still had extra time so we decided to come back to the hotel and just chill for 45 minutes.

Then with my cohorts and I, we went outside to wait for a taxi to take us to the University of Chicago that is 10 to 15 minutes away from downtown Chicago depending on the traffic.  When we arrived to Chicago University we arrived at South Campus Residence Hall where I’m going to stay for the next three weeks. We enter the building and went straight to check in and they gave us a transportation card to ride on the buses, but only certain buses that are CTA and PACE. They also gave us a folder that has a lot of paper and they are: the rules, curfew guidelines, transportation info, emergency contact sheet, and a calendar for activities that will be available for the next three weeks. 
Our clothes from the Book Store
Then we went to the Book Store to go buy a sweater or we could have something else if we didn't want to get a sweater but I got a sweater. Then we got some snacks because we were hungry.

After we got our snacks we needed to go to the Social Service Administrator room to meet the people who are making this summer program at University of Chicago possible. After that we met our R.A and her name is Jill and she’s going to major in Classics. Jill gave us a tour around the campus and showed us a place where there’s a seat around in a circle and if you seat in the middle and say something loud you will hear your own echo, but you need to be inside the circle to hearing. She showed me the building where I’m going to take my class and those who don’t which course I’m taking is Creative Writing. Chicago University is very huge; is the biggest campus I have visited. The school is amazing because it has very beautiful buildings and is going under construction too. The building that I thought it was very cool to see it was the library building. That’s the building were a scene of Divergent was film. I think that building is very creative and it look like and egg or an armadillo.

The Library

After we finished our tour we went back to the Residence Hall where Alie was waiting for to see who wanted to go with her to CVS pharmacy to get things that we need for our rooms. The girls stayed to get their I.D but I went with Alie because to get your I.D there was a crazy line. CVS was 5 minutes away. We got there and we got only the things that we really need and it took us about 15 minutes and we were back at the Residence Hall. 

My room
There was still line but it was not that bad pretty much everyone was at their rooms unpacking. I made line to get my I.D and then I went straight to my room to unpack too. When I got to my room I was surprise that I don’t have a roommate, so I have more privacy to myself. My room is just the perfect spot because in front of my room I have the bathrooms and the showers well they both together. I love my room is pretty small but enough for one person.

We had a mandatory meeting with our R.A because everyone are divided into six groups meaning there are six R.A and we all have our own lounge were we meet up with our R.A. Today we had a mandatory R.A residential meeting that was from 7 PM to 9 PM. The meeting was basically to tell us more instructions and rules that we have to follow during the summer program. It was also to get to know each other in our group and so we can know our R.A too. We played an ice breaker to know each other’s name, you had to say your name and a fo
Jill at the tour
od you like starting with the first letter of your name. It was fun game to play and get to know each other and I hope I get to know more of my group. When we finished our meeting we were going to have a study break at 10 PM.  Meanwhile I went to West lounge with Dani, Alexa, Oyin, and Vicky to take a group picture to show off what we bought in the Book Store. Then study break arrived and we went to our lounge. Jill has Halperin lounge were the group always going to meet for study break.

Tomorrow we going to have another meeting to talk about transportation and where we should go and where shouldn't we go. I’m looking forward to getting to meet at least three student from my group or if is possible to get to know everyone.

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  1. Lucky with the single room and I like how you included the UChicago outfitting!