Sunday, July 13, 2014

Getting to Know The College

  At 11 AM, we had a mandatory meeting about Health Services at South Campus West Lounge.  They told us if you are not feeling okay or you think something is wrong or strange to call the Health service to make an appointment in 24 hours’ notice. The Health Service is available to all students in the campus and they are located in the hospitals on school campus.  They also talked about Student Counseling Service that they could go at any time to talk about relationship, homesick, depression, tips to not procrastinate and how to flex your time. With Student Counseling Service you can pretty much talk to them about whatever situation you are going through.
Where we had our Student Counseling Service Meeting
This morning I woke up at 9:30 AM to get breakfast because breakfast is between 7 AM to 10 AM. I went to get myself a small, quick breakfast. I served myself some scramble eggs with fruits and a bagel.

After the meeting finished my cohorts and I went to see if the library was open but it was close. Then we decided to go check out the gym. When we go to the gym Vicky and I stayed at the gym working out for approximately one hour. It felt very good working out all the food I ate this pass whole week. 
Watching the World Cup

The Perfect Gym

Vicky working on her shoulders
The gym has a variety of workout machines that I have never seen at Planet Fitness the gym I go with my dad. Vicky and I finished working out at 12:40 PM because we wanted to get lunch before it ends at 1:30 PM. In the Dining room we bump into our cohorts Dani, Alexa, and Oyin. Then we all sat together to eat lunch. When we were finished, we went to go watch the World Cup game in the South West Halperin lounge. That’s my R.A lounge where we meet up for meetings with her and study breaks. Unfortunately, we only watched the first half time because we had another mandatory meeting about Hyde Park and City Transit. It’s basically how to catch the bus, which buses are free for students, and where the bus stops are located at.  Jill also talked about which places we should never go or visit. Another thing that Jill said was that if you’re planning to go downtown you should have already planned how get back to the campus before curfew hours. Jill said to never go alone to always take one or two friends with you for safety purposes. When Jill finished, I went to my room and watch the soccer game and I took a nap because at 4:30 PM we were going to have another meeting about Residential Service and Safety. My group met at our lounge at 4:15 AM so we can all walk together to Kent 107 where the meeting was going to be hosted.
My Lunch After a big Workout
The Trophies collection.
 In the meeting they again talked about which places we should never go and how to use the emergency blue lights and to not mess around with it because they take it very seriously. If you do mess around with it you will get fine. They also made everyone save the emergency contact number for the campus on their phone if we see anything strange going on. They also talked about whenever you are walking to not have earphones on and have your phone out of sight because people can come at you from behind.
Kent 107
They also cover about to never leave your dorm room open and never leave valuable stuff out of sight because there are a lot of people and things go missing.
Kent 107

After the meeting was over, our RA’s were going to Hyde Park restaurants to show the students’ places they can go eat. I didn’t go because why waste money on food when I have free unlimited food to choose from so I stayed with Dani, Alexa, and Oyin. We all went to the Dining room to go get dinner. Then we started talking about if we were nervous to start class tomorrow and everyone said yes. Then we all went to West lounge to work on our blogs so we can go to sleep early tonight and be ready for the first day of class tomorrow. Our study break was at 9 PM and we had this like bread looking with Nutella inside, it was really good.
In the Dining room at dinner.

I can’t wait for tomorrow I’m so excited to get to know who’s my professor going to be and if I’m going to get along with him/her. I am hoping that I get to know my classmates and that it will be a great first day of class.

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  1. WOOO go Germany! I'm glad you got to watch the game.