Monday, July 7, 2014

The Amazing First Day

Today was an interesting day where Oyin, Dani, Jimmy, Alexa, and I were getting ready to leave on our way to Chicago. Getting on the shuttle that was supposed to take us to the airport was actually cool because it was big enough to have space and not be cramped up in there. After arriving at the airport, we got our bags and hurried to get on the plane to Phoenix. After getting off that plane, we had to switch to another plane to St. Louis.
As we arrived in St. Louis, we had to go and get our belongings and arrange for another shuttle to pick us up and take us to the hotel. After the shuttle came we took our things outside and was surprised by the weather change from when we were in the Bay Area to when we walked outside in St. Louis. It was terrifyingly hot and stuffy when we walked out. Me having a big jacket on from when it was cold to that moment of heat was not good at all. The heat could almost be compared to a sauna but just a little less heat.

So after all of the stressful stuff, we checked into the hotel and got our room keys. We finally went to our assigned rooms and freshened up a little before we went back out to explore. We all met at the pantry room where there was snacks and drinks. Finishing up on getting snacks, we left and got on the metro to go see The Gateway Arch. It was awesome to look at seeing that it was so high. So we looked up The Gateway Arch and found that it is 630 feet tall. That is amazing how high it was and we all wondered how it was made. After admiring The Gateway Arch, we went to the museum and Alie had us find a fact or something we liked about something in the museum.

My dinner (Americano Burger w/ bacon)
Lastly, we walked around and found us a cab to go to a restaurant to eat at. We ended up going to a place where they had Italian food. Surprised by the thunder without any rain, we went inside and sat at a table for six. After being filled with food, we were all tired and ready to go. So we called a cab to take us back to the hotel after we ate. Finally getting to the hotel, I went to my room, took a good shower, blogged and getting ready to go to bed.

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  1. Now you’re just being cruel. Whatever that is on your plate looks awfully good but you didn’t even mention what it was. Now I’m going to lie awake in my bed wondering what it was and how good it might have been. Just plain cruel.