Monday, July 28, 2014

A Day Off

Today, because I did not have class, I was able to sleep in a little. I woke up at nine anyway because I had work to do for my class. I stopped at my group mate Isabella's room so we could work on our group study paper together. I had good timing I guess because as I was knocking on her door, she told me that she had to return the iPad that we had used to record the participants. I took it out of the tech bar at the library at about 12:30 on Friday, but we had to return it this morning by eleven. We had to rush to the library to return the iPad, but we ended up making it on time. After going to the library and returning, we spent some time in the lounges working on the results and discussion portion of our final paper. 

Since we had gotten up later, it wasn't long before lunch time. I had not eaten breakfast because I wanted to sleep a little longer, so I was very hungry. I had lunch with Dani and Oyin. They both got out of class late, so they got to go back later to. 

After lunch I returned to the lounges to work on my paper some more. After about an hour, I felt I needed a break from just sitting, looking at a screen, so I went to the gym for a while. I stayed for about an hour and a quarter and then I started to walk back to the dorms. It was about 5:15 at this point, so dinner was starting. I changed my clothes, and then went down to dinner with Dani, Oyin, Katelyn, Victoria, and Nisha. I just met Nisha a few days ago. She is taking two undergraduate courses, so she has a lot of work. Victoria left dinner early because she had lab reports to do for tomorrow, so the rest of us left a little later. We went back to a lounge to finish up our homework and blog. 

Tomorrow in class we will be going back to a more regular class structure. For the last couple of classes, we had just been focusing on gathering data and doing our studies with participants, but now that all the data has been gathered. Tomorrow we will be discussion the brain, the mind and consciousness. There is also a slight chance that there will be a few more participants in the afternoon, but it is even more unlikely that they will fit our demographic. I would guess that if we did not have any participants to test, we would just continue to work on our results and discussion, which is due tomorrow at 7 PM.

 We only have four more days in class, which feels so strange because it seems as if we have not even been in the program very long. I  think part of the reason the program felt like it went by so quick is because the class was so packed with content, and we had a final project to work on that started from day one. I hope the last few days of class go as smoothly as the rest of the class went. 

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