Monday, July 28, 2014

Lectures, Lab reports, and Labs

I woke at 6:50 before my alarm went off realizing that I still had to finish my lab report that is due tomorrow. I got the minority of it done which was the harder part of the report and then got ready to leave for quick breakfast Oyin and then class. I had eggs and cantaloupe with grapes for breakfast. I tried to get to class early so I could have time to do some more of my report before class started.

In class we did a lecture and Dr. Fineschi let us have an hour and a half to do more of our lab reports. When it was about 30 minutes left of class we did a lab on HIV testing. After the lab we went to lunch and I had beans with cheese and then went to my dorm to work more on the report but barely got anything done because it's a long report to do. When I got to class we started in the lab to finish the lab from before lunch. On the second part of the lab my partner messed up and did the procedure backwards so we have to use someone else's data. When class was over I stayed for a while to do some more of my report which I did not get that much done. This report is usually 15 pages long but ours doesn't have to be that long.

I have been working on this report from this morning until now so hopefully I can finish before it's due. I am wide awake from drinking caffeine so I don't think me being tired would be in the picture tonight. Wish me even more luck on this report!!! :-)

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  1. WOO! I'm sure you got it done but hope you also got some sleep....