Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Day at Georgetown

     Today we got on a plane to Washington DC at 6 AM to get to Georgetown University. We arrived in Washington 2 hours later, got our bags, got on a shuttle, and was on our way to a hotel called Holiday Inn. After going to our rooms we put our stuff down and met in the lobby. Then we were on our way to explore Washington. First we visited the White House and took pictures in front and back of the White House and the Washington Monument was right across the way so we took jumping pictures. We started this new tradition where we take pictures of us jumping in the air at every state we visit. (It's pretty awesome and fun.)
     At 2:30 PM we went to the info session on campus and met Heather, the admissions person, talked about the things at the school and it's history. I learned that John Carroll founded this school in 1789. I also learned that the school is a Catholic Jesuit institution. There are over 6,000 undergraduate students and over 8,000 graduates. Heather also talked about Georgetown's 29 Varsity athletic teams known as the Hoyas and in the brochure there was a Greek and Latin phrase "Hoyas saxa" which means " what rocks!" I heard their Women's basketball team that is Division 1. After the info session we went on a tour and just like the other tour, we split up into two groups. We went with a tour guide named Charlotte who was attending the school and is going to be a rising sophomore at Georgetown. In the tour Charlotte showed us around the school and let us now about their traditions. One of their traditions to sit on Father Carroll's lap. At the end we stopped in a place where there were a lot of people watching the World Cup. While we waited for the cab, we watched the World Cup and when the cab came we went back to the hotel to freshen up and get dressed before the big dinner.

     At this wonderful dinner called The City Tavern Club, we met Andrew Gonzales, Sean Redmone, Katherine, Nishatte, Trevor, and Kevin. We were all mixed up so that we could talk to them and not have them on just one side of the table. We were able to ask them individual questions. Sean informed us about John Adams eating dinner in the same room we were eating and I thought that was pretty awesome because the restaurant had a lot of history to it. The most interesting thing about the dinner was talking to Andrew, Trevor, and Katherine. We mostly talked about their sports teams and how good they were. We also talked about Andrew's experience in the Ivy League Connection and some tips on what we should do while were out in Chicago. We talked about what our future might be and what my favorite subject is. They told me about the schools that have computer engineering like Brown University or Georgetown. Aside from talking we got our food. I got some sautéed crab cakes after eating a delicious Caesar salad. Then for desert we all had ice cream. The choices were peppermint, vanilla, and lemon sorbet. I chose to get the vanilla ice cream.

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  1. It sounds like things are going well. It's good to see what you are doing and learning about the different colleges. I hope this experience will help all of you with your decisions for your future!