Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last Three Days of Class

I woke up at 8 AM and went to breakfast to eat eggs and fruit. Then I went to class we started in the classroom again to do our last lecture. The lecture was about different types of vaccines and immunodominance. I learned the the disease Ebola is spread through bats to monkeys to humans. Vaccines work because they stimulate the development and saves lives. The types of vaccines we talked about were passive immunization, live attenuated, inactivated, sub-unit vaccines, toxins (bacteria only), and DNA vaccines. Live attenuated vaccines  inject the subject with a live pathogen which has been previously rendered non-pathogenic. In immunodominance not all antigens elicit an immune response.

After the lecture, which was about an hour and a half, we went to the lab to do a  simulating project on a website and then had extra time to try and finish our lab reports. The professor let us out early so that some of us could go get the $1 milkshakes, which is cool, but she only did it because we were barely doing anything. I went to lunch and wasn't able to get one because I went and worked on my report which is still not finished but I'm getting there.

When we got back we had to finish the simulating project if we didn't finish already. I finished and then worked on my report. After class I went straight to my room to try and finish the report and got more done but still didn't finish. Then I went to dinner at 6 PM and ate Sloppy Joe and fries with some fruit on the side. After dinner I went back to my room and started doing more of the report and ended the night with the report. The next day we will be watching a movie called Contagion and Friday we will be presn=enting our posters about the diseases we researched.

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