Thursday, July 31, 2014

Movie Day!!!!

Waking up today knowing that we don't have to do anything in class was a great feeling and I really enjoyed it. After I got ready I went down to the dining hall and ate eggs, sausage, and fruit. I sat with Lila until she went back to her room to try and do more of her report before class. When I got to class the professor and TA had popcorn for us to eat during our movie. The movie we watched is called Contagion and it's about how an unknown disease spread around fast. The things in the movie was basically the same things we did in the lab. It was my second time watching and I actually appreciated it more than the first time I saw it.

The movie was all we did in class. Then we had time to work on our reports and projects after class but I chose to go back to the dorms and do mine. I still haven't finished my second report but I'm getting there. I really enjoyed the movie though.

I left class at 11:30, went to lunch and ate mac & cheese, greens, and fruit, and then went to the west lounge with Maddie and Amodhya. After a while we moved to Halperin lounge to work because there were people in there who were supposed to have a meeting in there. I have been in Halperin lounge since then trying to finish this work before I go to bed and that's how I'm going to end my night.

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