Sunday, July 6, 2014

Last Day to a New Beginning

Canon Power Shot ELPH 340 HS
I'm very excited for tomorrow because is going to be my first time traveling in a airplane.  I was going back and forth trying to figure out what to pack for the trip because I don't want anything of my stuff to be thrown away. My parents and I went to go buy a camera and we went to eight different stores to end up at Best Buy buying the camera.  We got the Canon Power Shot ELPH 340 HS camera.  Is a very nice camera that takes beautiful pictures so Don can see them when he reads my blogs.

This is my luggage I hope I'm not forgetting anything because then I'm going to be mad about myself after I spend hours packing ( I think I took longer than a woman would).

I hope this trip will help me improve and develop my writing skills. That's why I'm taking the Creative Writing course.  I hope that when I get back from the trip I will be ready to apply for all of the colleges that I might want to go.  I hope this will help me improve as an individual person that can be responsible enough to be by myself and can take care of myself so later on I can see if that's something I would like to do in the future going to a university in the East.

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  1. When I look at that big piece of luggage and see the way it’s bulging it looks heavier and heavier. We shall see very soon if it’s an optical delusion or if you’re going to have to spread it out and decide what you have to leave behind.