Sunday, July 6, 2014

It's Almost Time

If I can tell time correctly, there is about seven more hours before we are to meet up at El Cerrito High School. After a week of getting prepared, the excitement is finally starting to hit me. My bags are packed, I've tripled checked that I have both my ID and my medical card, now, all that's left for me to do is wait. Only if that was as easy as it sounds.

For this trip, I'm going to need to learn how to take things slowly and not get ahead of myself. This is a bad habit I have which doesn't allow me to enjoy the present. This is especially important to me because everything is going to be moving fast pace as we go from city to city and I want to be able to enjoy the moment. Another thing I'm going to have to learn is how to be a college student. I'm not going to have my mom there to help keep me organized and to tell me what I need to do (I'm really going to miss her), I have to do all of that by myself. I feel like it will most definitely be a shock to me but I just have to take it day by day and pause to take a breather when I need it.

My mind seems to be going at 100 the time keeps on ticking. I keep thinking about what the schools will be like, what the University of Chicago itself will be like, if I will get too cold or too hot, and whether or not I'm forgetting anything. I'm hoping that I can calm down and get a few hours of sleep before it's time to leave. This is proving to be especially difficult since my sleeping pattern has been off since we ended school. I've said my goodbyes to friends and family, all that's left to do is leave.

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  1. Ah...your blog says it all but it’s not quite accurate. There’s so much more to do before you leave. You get to listen to me lecture you--maybe tell a few stories--weigh your luggage AND get your photo taken. And that’s just in the hour after you arrive at ECHS and wait for the airport shuttle.