Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just Another Day at School

As usual everyday I go get breakfast and walk to class at 8:45 AM. Today was a relaxed day for me in class. I went to class and we had a lecture and then went to the lab. In the lecture I learned more about the 1918 Pandemic and that 1/3 of the earth population got infected. In November 1918, the flu spread in Alaska and killed 72 people. Then we went to the lab after an hour.

The Lake Water Plates
In the lab we looked at our lake water that was plated to see if they changed color and if it was coliform or E.coli. After we made that observation we got our TSA plates and started to inoculate each plate, the coliform and E. coli plates. We used two enterotube to extract one of the colonies from each plate and then we poked holes in the last 8 compartments of the enterotube. Then we incubated them at 37 degrees. We got out 30 minutes early for lunch. I went to my room first to put my stuff down since I didn't have to be back in class until 2:00 PM. Normally we would have to come back at 1:00 PM but she let us come later because we have to do a project where we have to make a poster about  a disease we researched that we haven't already went over in class. But for lunch I had salad, fruit, pizza, and eggplant. The eggplant kind of tasted like lasagna.
Deep Dish!!!
When we got back to class we only had an hour left so we went straight to the lab. In the lab we started to record data of the Rifampicin concentration plates. We recorded the control, the mutant 1, and the mutant 2 and how high the concentration of each were. A couple of them didn't grow but the rest did. After we were done the TA dismissed us and I walked back to the dorms. When I got to the dorms I went to Dani's room. I waited there with  Oyin, Alexa, and Dani from 3:30 to 6:30 PM so that we could all go to Gino's Pizza with Alie. I had a wonderful nap before we left which was nice. When we met Alie at Gino's we waited so that they could find a place for us to sit and then we had a deep dish pizza. We ate two types, a spicy one and veggie one. It was good but I think that Giordano's is better.

The Cohort in Action
When we got back we came to one of the dorm houses and played foozeball before we got to business. We had about 10 good games where I won at least 4 and then I stopped playing to calm down because the game was so intense. After we finished we went to check-in for curfew and later started doing homework and whatever we had left to do for class. It's nice to have fun and then do our work. I think coming together helps me to be motivated to do my work and finish things that needed to be done.
Oyin and I in Deep Thought

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