Saturday, July 26, 2014

Info Session, Church, and Thai Food

Dani invited us to go to church with her today and I decided to take her up on her offer. Before we went to church, we attended an info session here at UChicago. The info session started at 9 AM at the Rosenwald Hall. We had to figure out where we were supposed to go and I thought that I knew but I didn't and, as usual, Jimmy had to get us there. 

Eric from our UChicago alumni dinner showed us where to go after he gave us our information folders. The part that I found most helpful from the information session was the portion on the uncommon UChicago essays. Our presenter gave us advice and some examples of past prompts. My favorite one is, "Why are odd numbers odd." I like this because on one hand, you could go into a completely mathematical explanation and on the other, you could go all artistic and see something that other people don't see. A piece of advice that was given to us is that we shouldn't reiterate all of our accomplishments in the uncommon essay prompt but we should be creative with it.

After the info session, Dani, Alexa, and I went to church. Dani's sister's boyfriend attends the church and the name of it is Shilo. When we arrived at the church, we were immediately welcomed by everyone there even though it was the first time that we were there. We got a quick tour of the entire church before the service started. I really enjoyed the service today because the preacher was really captivating and it was easy to follow along. After church was over, we made our way back to campus because we had a lot of work to do. We had missed the lunch time for the dining commons so we decided to order Thai food. This was the first time that I ever had Thai food and I was afraid that I wouldn't like it. That wasn't necessary because I ended up liking it a lot.
Dani, Me, and Alexa
After we ate I spent the rest of my evening working on my project for Monday. I have to look at a country and answer questions about its sustainability practices through a PowerPoint. Me and my partner, Barbara, are both taking two different countries and we are going to compare them. I'm doing South Africa while she is doing Mexico. Tomorrow, we plan on bringing our two information together to make our PowerPoint for Monday.

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