Saturday, July 26, 2014

Seventh Day Adventist Church & Thai Food

 Today we had plans in the morning. We were going to attend an information session at University of Chicago at 9 AM. The information session basically touched on what he had been told when we first arrived. My RA, Christian also told us a lot about the college experience. They touched on how the academic calendar is structured, how common curriculum is such a big part of the University of Chicago experience. They also talked about the application process. People can submit their applications as early action, but it is not binding, so they can still choose to attend another school. After the information session, we took a minute to talk to Teddy and Eric who we met at the Chicago dinner, which were in the admissions office. 

We had to hurry back to the dorms where Oyin, Dani, and I were going to be picked up to go to church. Dani's sister's boyfriend Casey picked us up and the church was only about ten minutes away. Dani's church is called Seventh Day Adventists. The service was not like one I had ever attended before. There was much more singing and the congregation was very engaged in the service. The service started at about 11:00, and ended at 1:30. 

The Stained Glass Windows in the Church

We were very hungry by that point, but the dining halls had closed for lunch. We went the dorms and ordered Thai food. We had pad Thai and chicken satay with peanut sauce, which was delicious. It was nice to eat food that was not out of the dining hall. After we ate, we worked a little on our classwork, and then I went to the gym for about an hour and a half. Later I came back to the South campus to have dinner with Dani, Oyin, and Esin. After dinner we studied a little more. 

Tomorrow I have class because that is when participants are available. Because we have to come in on Sunday, we are going to get Monday off. I am excited to be able to interact with more children tomorrow for the study.

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