Monday, July 14, 2014

First Day Of Creative Writing Class

Dining Hall

The building where my class is at.
Right or Left? You choose.
This morning I woke up really excited knowing that today was going to be my first day of class. I woke up at 7:30 AM because my cohorts and I planned to eat breakfast together at 8 AM. When I went to the Dining room Vicky, Alexa, and Oyin were already there with a girl name Elizabeth and I think she’s .taking economics I’m not really sure. When I was done eating my breakfast around 8:30 AM, I left to go look for my classes because I didn't wanted to be late for my first day of class. Fortunately, it was a good idea that I had time to go look for my class because it took me awhile to find my class. I knew where the building was at but there was two different ways you could have go right or left and I took left because it said 110 and my class was in WB-102 so in my mind I was like it needs to be here, so I went in and I looked everywhere and couldn't find the class. Then I went back where I started and a lady passed and I asked her if she knew where it was and it was in the right side the whole time and it was in the first floor. It was a good idea that I went early because if not I would of probably be late to class.                                                                               
My Class for 15 Students
When class started a girl broke the ice by telling her name because everyone was quiet, and then one by one we were telling our name and where we come from. I don’t remember everyone name but I took notes of some of my classmate info. There’s Kristine from Chicago and she scuba dive for fun. Wendy she’s from Cupertino California, and Quincy also from Cupertino. Robert he’s from Los Angeles. Lucy she’s from the suburban of Chicago. Tess she’s from Portland, Oregon. That’s the only classmates I remember but I hope I get to know each one this pass three weeks. Then our professor came in Achy she’s a really nice and funny woman. She was born in Havana, Cuba.  My professor name is very long; Maria Alicia Del Carmen Obejas Velazquez Pleites Milena Maldonado. She calls herself Achy because when she was Young she mispronounced her second name and since then her whole family started calling her Achy.  Every name of hers has a story behind it and that was our first assignment to picked one of our name and makes a story. Achy got 21 blood transfusions when she was born and she was in the hospitals for her first two years of birth. Achy let us go at 9:45 AM so we can work on our assignment and we needed to come back at 1 PM. I called my parents after I got out of class and asked them to tell my why they chose my name and one thing I found interesting was that they picked my name middle name because it was biblical and at that age my mom used to go to church with my grandpa. I also email Kevin from Georgetown so he can help me on my assignment and luckily for me he was available to help me. Kevin gave me some comments on where I need to improve on and what mistakes I’m doing. I told Kevin that is better to know what I’m doing wrong and not keep on making the same mistakes over and over.
I started doing more research about Josue; my middle name. I got my assignment done around 12:30 PM so I still had time for lunch and get back to class. When I arrived at the dining room I found Alexa and Vicky there and I sat next to them and started talking about their class and how was it. Vicky said that she was just watching videos in her class. Alexa told me that her class is okay but that she has a lot of work to do.
Study Group Time
Fat People Problems.
After I finished my lunch I went back straight to my class. We all had to read our story in front of everyone. It was really awesome hearing about everyone perspective of their name. Every one of us had a totally different story to talk about and that’s what I found interesting that we all come from a different background. When everyone finished telling the story we got our next assignment that was to read “Indian Camp”, and then we each got a character and we need to tell the story all over again but in our character point of view. This was a very challenging assignment for me because we need to make the story in own perspective and we could make our own speculation in the story. My character of the story was George he was a white guy that knew the Indian tribe already. The Indian tribe was Ojibwa. When Achy gave us the assignment she told us that it was due by midnight. After that she let us go at 3 PM. I came straight to my room and started researching about the tribe and George so I can be able to write my story. Then like around 4 PM Oyin text me to come up to the fifth floor because she wanted to hear how my first day of class went. They were having a study group too so I took my stuff so I can join them. We all had homework to do except Vicky that she needed only to answer seven questions that they assign her to do. 
The View on the Fifth Floor

Then Vicky and I went to the Dining room around 5:30 PM because we were planning to go to CVS store to buy stuff for us and for Oyin and Dani. It took us literally one hour to go to CVS and come back. During our walk Vicky and I were talking about her sport that is basketball and my sport that is soccer. I found out that she is very committed to her basketball team and that she made the winning point in one of her playoff game when she was a freshman. It was good talking to her about the things we are so passionate about is awesome how much dedication we put into these sports. When we got back to our Residence Hall I came to my room because I had a big story to write about. I kept making research about the story and the little by little taking baby steps I was writing my story of George. It took the whole night and now I know what hard works really is because in my high school I at least take one hour to do an essay; that’s not the same over here. I couldn’t even go to the movie night that my RA was going to do tonight at 7 PM. Now I know the sacrifices that a lot of students do just to be successful and I’m planning on doing that.
Tomorrow I hope I don’t get a big assignment as today but if I do oh well I have to do it because that’s why I’m here for to get better and improve on my writing. 

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