Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First Day of Contagion

The Dining Hall
For breakfast this morning I had some more fruit, eggs mixed with bacon and cheese, and a cheese glaze. (It was kind of like a sweet eggroll filled with some thick whipped cream.) At 8:20 AM I started walking to my class, which was on the east side of campus, and got a Caramel Frappuccino. I didn’t know where my class was so I kind of got lost a couple of times but not completely because I passed the building a couple of times as well. The school is under construction so it was kind of hard to figure out which building it was because the construction was actually across from the entrance of the building my class was in. The building name was Donnelley Biological Sciences Learning Center. The entrance was sideways from where I was walking so I finally just asked someone where the building was and it turns out that it was only a few feet ahead across the street. I’m glad I wasn’t late to class on the first day even though I didn’t know where it was. I actually met with more people from my class while I was going into the building.
When I got to the classroom there were people there early and the teacher wasn’t there yet so good for me. When the professor came in there were still two more people who weren’t there yet so we waited for them which took like five minutes. Other than people not knowing where the class was, the professor was cool. Her name is Beatrice Fineschi and there were only fifteen students in our class so that makes it easier because we have to do an oral presentation on like the third week and it will be easier to present to a smaller class than presenting to a full class. For the first day we all had fun. At the beginning of class the professor did a lecture talking about what we will be learning and some of the cells we would be talking about in the future and we also took notes if we wanted to. I chose to take notes and so did the majority of the people in the class. After taking notes we went down the hall to the lab where we were going to look at different cells using a microscope.
Me trying to jump out the picture
In the lab for the next two hours we got on the computers in the lab and logged into to the school website to take some quizzes about safety after looking at videos of things that were going to be on the quiz. I only got to do one quiz out of three and they are cabinet safety, fire safety, and chemical safety. Then we went to lunch from 12 PM to 1 PM. Sadly when I left the dining hall with my new friend Lila, it started pouring raining but luckily she spotted that it was getting cloudy ahead of time so she went to get her umbrella and we shared on the way back to our class. We both got completely soaked from the waist down and on each of our outside arms. My shoes until now are still wet from the rain and they don’t dry quickly so it might take a couple of days before it’s dry. I don’t know why but the rain stopped right when we got to the building which is sad because most of us came in class soaking wet so we had the choice of wear the lab coats they had but I just chose to keep my clothes on. For the next two hours of class we looked at tobacco cells and PTK (kidney) cells and then we had to do a lab report with our partner we had had chosen. I picked Lila as a partner. She is cool and an excellent partner.
Lila and I finishing our work in the fifth floor lounge
Class ended at 3 PM and we were one of the classes that gets out earlier than most classes so that’s cool. After class I went to my room and then to the fifth floor lounge to work with Lila to finish our lab report that is due the next day. I personally love my class and other students say that we have the easiest course to take and that we’re lucky to not have so much work on the first day. At around 5:30 PM Jimmy and I went to get dinner before we took a trip to CVS to buy a couple of things we needed. It was a 30 minute walk and not too long but a little tiring after a while because the blocks are like super long. When we got back I went back to my room and put my things away before going back to the fifth floor lounge for the rest of the night. The people that were with me were Oyin, Dani, Lila, Kaitlyn, and more people who were doing homework. At around 9:30 PM I checked in for curfew early because I wasn’t going anywhere else outside the dorm. Then I went back to the lounge until 11 PM with Dani and then I went to my room where I entered the wonderful presence of my roommate.

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