Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The College Life of a Student

This morning I woke up at 8:15 AM. I felt more comfortable knowing where my class was at. As I got ready for my class I was thinking, what are we doing today in class? When I got done getting ready I went to get breakfast at the Dining Hall. In there I found Tess (one of my classmates). Tess and I were talking about our assignment that Achy (our professor) gave us last night. Tess said that it was hard and she had a really hard time figuring out about her character. She said that she started working on it at 7 PM and end up finishing at 11 PM. The assignment was due by midnight; luckily she got it done an hour before. 

My Lunch. YUMMY!
Then, Tess and I walked together to class and we were talking about if she was going to let us go early today again. We also talked about that hopefully she was not going to give us a hard assignment. We go to our class and everyone was there except our professor. Achy got to class late around 9:15 AM because she was talking to the administrator of this program to see if we can switch classes--because our classroom is a tight space. We moved to the class that was in front of us. 

Then, she told us that every day from 9 AM to 10 AM we are going to write a writing journal and we can write about anything we like. Achy told us to stop writing at 10:15 and then she went over some rules. The rules are: you don’t start with an "A" grade; you earned your grade, we need to proof read our papers, when they correct our paper sometimes they will correct some mistakes but most of the time they will mark it and will have to find out was wrong with it, There are no lengths required on essays, we have the privilege to blow off an assignment, no late paperwork, no excuses for absences, and zero tolerance for plagiarism. It's confirmed by Achy that every day we will have work to do and every day it would keep getting more difficult.
Alexa Working Hard 
Then we started talking about our characters and what we found out and how we made them come to life. One by one we were talking about our characters. Everybody in my class already knows how to be the center of attention and I still have to work on that because I still get nervous being the center of attention. Probably it's because this past year we didn't have an English teacher until our last quarter when we got a permanent teacher. Basically, I lost a lot of learning most of my school year. That’s why I picked creative writing, so I can improve on my writing skills and gained some of the knowledge that I lost during my junior year. I came to realize that English is a very important subject because English in high school is a whole different story than English in college. Achy gave us two assignments to do: one is to describe one scene about your character and the other one is to write 7 steps about how to make something and we have to make it clear enough so another person can do it. For example, I picked how to tie a tie because nobody ever gets it right and I want to be the first one and that’s going to take a lot of work.

Today I didn't get any lunch because I was working on my assignment and working on my blog because I want to get a nice sleep tonight so I can wake up early and have the energy to learn. With no energy I can’t focus in class and I will probably end up falling asleep. Not getting lunch doesn't mean I didn't eat I have snack (junk food) that I bought yesterday from CVS. I went back to class at 3 PM and Achy just talked to us about our characters to make them come more alive and that we will be getting back our story around 5 PM. Achy is sending back our story to correct our grammar mistakes and make it more vivid. Achy talked for at least 10 minutes and then she let us go again.

Then I came back to my room to keep working on how to tie a tie because I don’t want to leave any details behind. I need to be as clear as possible so when I’m giving the instructions to my classmates they can follow my steps and learn how to tie a tie. This will be a challenge for me because Achy said that many students have tried it but they are not successful. I have an idea already I’m going to try it on different people and try to get feedback from them on where they got confused and what should I change.
Study Group Time
I went down to my lounge where I saw Alexa and asked her what she was doing. Alexa told me she was reading this article about kids and how they act. Later on in their class, they are having an experiment on kids where they going to put them in a room and there will be a cup of candy with a sign where it will say to take one piece of candy. There will be a camera recording the kids so they can know if they took more than one candy and see how many kids will be honest to tell the truth. I think that’s a really cool project to do.

Then I came back to my room and kept on working on my project of how to tie a tie. Then I went out to give Alexa my camera so she can take pictures and post it on the blog. Later, she texted me so I can go get my camera at the fifth floor, Dani and Oyin where there too. I stayed there talking with them about their classes and their work. They have a lot more work than I do and I’m over here complaining about my work? After 10 minutes I came down to my room because I needed to be alone to concentrate, I get easily distracted.

Tomorrow is a big day because I have to make the project work; I want to be the first one to make it work. That’s what I’m hoping for tomorrow.
The only picture that Alexa takes when I let her borrow my camera.

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  1. Wow it sounds like the class is really pushing your writing skills I'm excited for all you'll get to learn. Keep working hard!