Saturday, May 17, 2014

ILC Tutorial

Victoria and I caught off guard
The tutorial meeting went great. Even though it was early in the morning and I did not want to be there, I learned a lot from this tutorial. It was very helpful for me because now I have a more clear understanding of how to blog, use MediaFire, and what to pack for our trip. 

I thought it was going to be boring but it was interesting because Don kept talking and talking, so he pretty much kept me awake. Don kept the subject interesting because he told us stories about the past students that had been in the ILC and faced a few struggles. This stories were funny and reliable because now I know what not to do and how I am supposed to behave. Don showed us a few tips of how can we organize our files.  The thing that I like the most is that Don made so clearly, he went step by step and made it easier for me. Something that caught my attention was when Don talked about that this was not beneficial for him but for us and that is preparing us for the future. A good tip that Don gave us was that we should practice and practice blogging so we can be pros by the time we take off for Chicago.


  1. Those tutorials are tough, Jimmy. There’s no way to make it come across as sexy and when our bodies are telling us we should still be in bed on a Saturday morning it’s even tougher to stay awake.

    You made it, though, and even if only a part of it sticks you’ve learned more than what you knew before your arrived.

  2. Nice Jimmy I can definitely tell you learned a lot at the tutorial - I like the formatting of this blog, especially the pictures with captions!