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My Adventure-Reflective Blog

The Day of the Departure
At Mountain Mike's Pizza
Where do I start with this magnificent trip that changed my aspects of my life. Let start in the beginning. I remembered when I was sitting down at Mountain Mike’s Pizza. The first time I met with my chaperone and cohorts. Alie; teach at Helms Middle School. Dani; Middle College. Victoria; Kennedy High. Alexa; El Cerrito high. Oyin; El Cerrito High. I was very quiet that day because they were all girls and I didn’t know what to talk about with them. But, Alie was trying to get a conversation going on between us and I felt that I was never going to get along with them. In the meeting of the City Council and School Board it was the same, I never said a word to them. Then I thought that I was going to do me and they were going to do them in the East.  After the meeting with the School Board, that day I was wondering if I would be able to connect with them and find a way to start talking to them. 

The day of the departure, I needed to meet Don at El Cerrito High School, I was happy and nervous  because it was my first time to travel away from my parents for a long time. It was my first time taking a plane too. I was nervous because it was my first time that I was going to be independent. Nervous because I hadn’t made the connection between my colleagues cohorts and I. On my way to San Francisco International Airport, I was admiring the view of the lights from the Skyscrapers. I was telling myself that I was very lucky to be on the shuttle bus on my way to an adventure that will change my life.  I asked myself if I was prepared for the course of Creative Writing and if I was going to accomplish all my goals.

A Jump Picture at St. Louis
The Gateway Arc
The first week on the East, we were traveling to see universities, it was a rough week. Sleeping late because of blogging and waking up early to travel to explore the cities before we go to the orientation for the universities. We visited WashU, Georgetown, Penn, and Northwestern. The universities I found interesting and I want to apply are WashU and Georgetown because the experiences of the alumni motivated me to apply to those schools.  Not only because of that, but the schools are beautiful, close to the cities, and the people in both schools are very friendly. That same week my cohorts (friends) and I were connecting with each other and I started talking to them more. We started working on our blogs together as a group. Talked about our school experiences and what we do on our free time. It was just a wonderful week for all of us because we got to know each other more. The best thing about that week was the dinners that we had with the alumni and a school administrator. I have never ate so much in life in one week. It was just food after food. But I loved that I was able to eat in those type of restaurants. I liked that every time we had dinner I improved on my socializing and asking more questions to keep the conversation going. 

At St. Louis Zoo
Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial 
On our free time that we had we were able to explore the cities. We explored the St. Louis Zoo, Gateway Arch, The White House, Lincoln Memorial, different types of restaurant and much more things. This was the fun part because I never thought I actually be able to see these places. I always used to seeing these places on TV or movies and I always imagined myself being there but I never actually expected that I was going to be there. The Lincoln Memorial was the best of them all because a lot history has happened in there and I have read about them. When I was there I imagined all those people who were there for Martin Luther King Jr, “I Have A Dream,” speech. That  made my day standing there all the way back at the end of the reflecting pool thinking about all the thousands of people who were there that day.

Chicago City 
The hotels, oh how much I love the hotels. This was the best experienced for me because I always got a room by myself and that made me smile every time I went to my room. It made me smiled because I share a room with my brothers and I never knew the feeling of having a room to myself until I experienced it in the East. The best    hotel was the Omni Hotel because it was a fancy hotel and I got to stay in a room that had a king size bed. When my colleagues cohorts heard that I had a king size bed for myself I could have seen the envy on their faces. That night I slept very comfortable. To bad that I only stayed for one night. It was because the next day we needed to go to Uchicago to get our dorm rooms and get ready for school to start. I was lucky again and got a room to myself.

My class Cristine (pink) and Achy.
Then, class started and  I was taking the course of Creative Writing. My first day of class went pretty well, got to low where all my classmates were coming from. My first assignment was to write a short story about the history of one of our names. I liked that assignment because I always had wonder why my parents gave me the name that I have today.  To do this assignment I needed to call my parents and asked them why the chose Josue as my middle name. My dad was not so helpful at all. On the other hand, my mom was very helpful she gave details and ideas, I was able  to get my assignment done. But, as the days passed the class started to get more and more harder. My writing was not at the level of the course. Even I found out that my writing was not at the level for this course by listening to my classmates read their story and using strong and big words. This is when my passed was affecting me. When I say passed I mean my English class that I missed out from a semester of valuable English that would have prepared me more for this class. I knew that I had missed out a semester of English that’s why I picked Creative Writing because I found out that writing is very essential for everything. I wanted the course to improve  my writing, but it never went through my mind that I needed to be prepared for the course. My professor, Achy Obejas, realized that I was struggling in class. Then, she talk to head of the program and recommended me a tutor because she believed that working with someone one on one will help me improve on my writing, to take advantage of the program and take all the learning I get back home. 

Pamela where we always used to sit.
My tutor name was Pamela Lavigne, she worked in The International House where she works with all the foreign students to improve on their English speaking, listening, and writing. With Pamela I learned a lot of things. Such as, working with verbs ending, comma splice, tips for when I’m working with my writing and more.  Working with Pamela made my homework more easier for me because I knew what things to look for when I am writing, but is not something you improve overnight. No doubt that Pamela is good at her job and I thank her for giving me a lot of advices for ways I can prepare myself for the applications and college . I liked that she was so nice to me and every day she had food ready for when I got there. This couldn’t  happen if it wasn’t for ILC that paid for the bill and thank you for that, I appreciated. 

The Campus View
I didn’t like that I wasn’t able to explore more the campus and the city because everyday I had homework that needed to be done that same day. But, I learned that this is what college life will feels like, that sometimes you need to choose between fun and school work. If you want to have fun go ahead, but you will be the one suffering later on when you working on homework during the night. I learned that I prefer my sleep than fun the hard way, when I decided to go play soccer and left my class work for later in the night. That same day I ended up sleeping at four in the morning, not such a great idea. I met a lot of people playing soccer and since that day on when I saw them we used to say hi to each other. I really didn’t interacted with other people because almost all the time I stayed in my room. I stayed in my room because I concentrate more and when I’m surrounded by people I get easily distracted— it would take me longer to finish my work. 

The Last Day Exploring the City.
Vicky and I
The last week in Chicago passed so fast, I couldn’t believe they were my last days there. I learned a lot from everyone that worked with me from Achy, my classmates, and Pamela. They were a huge part of this trip too. All of my classmates were smart and I worked hard to be in their level every day. One time we had a group assignment and it was a pleasure working with them because they showed me a lot by showing me how to work with a group. In class when we used to do workshop, revise our story, and had a group critics about the stories of  our classmates on what were their weaknesses and strengths, what works on the story, what can we add to make this a better story, and just giving comments to improve the stories. That was something new I learned, with this kind of skills, I can ask questions while I’m writing any paper asking if I’m getting of topic and if I’m answering what they are asking for.  Pamela gave me a lot of tips so I can improve on my writing by taking breaks when I’m writing, read the sentence after you finished, look at your writing the next day, and practice on my verbs ending. With Pamela I learned that I am a physical learner, meaning that I like to move a lot and with that I can use it to work with my writing (too bad I don’t remember what kinds of things a physical learner do.) I’m going to keep on doing what I was doing with her, walking around recording my ideas, taking a fifteen minute break and do push-ups or sit-ups, and time my self for ten minutes to brainstorm. 
The Last Day in Chicago.

The last day of class, I needed to meet with Achy one on one and talk about my grade and letter recommendation. A day before we were assigned to work on an argument about the grade we think we should receive for the class and emailed it to Achy.  Achy was impressed with my last assignment, she told something that brighten my day. Achy told me it seems that I improved over the night and the work she received yesterday was a lot better than the work from the first day. I felt so proud of myself that I had improved on my writing, but that wouldn’t be a success without all the people who helped me. When I heard her saying that, that instinct moment I knew that I had accomplished one of my biggest goal; to improve on my writing. With what Achy told me, I was satisfied that I accomplished my goal and I was ready to go back home, but I knew I still had a lot to work on with my writing.

My cohorts (friends) and I got very close, we were already talking to each other like if we been knowing each other for a year. I never knew this was going to happen, but I’m glad that did because they are all wonderful cohorts. I saw all of them working very hard because their classes were more harder than mine and that motivated and thought to myself if they could do it, than I could do it. They made the trip more fun and whenever we used to go to the city it was always fun hanging around with them. It was a wonderful trip having them as my cohorts.
When we landed at SFO.

This passed three weeks has changed my life. They have shown me that I still have a lot to learn before I go to college. I learned my weaknesses and strengths on my writing. This is very helpful because now I know what I need to work on to prepare myself for college. I learned a lot from Achy, my classmates, and Pamela. All of them taught me to push myself to do better and be better. I also learned from Kevin who was there for me whenever I needed help on my work because he took creative writing in his college years. From Alie all the tips that she gave us about how to deal with big assignments and to try to manage our time. Now, it is all up to me to keep working hard and prepared myself for what the futures holds for me. I’m going to start writing every day, start reading more (I started reading The New Moon) and I will tell my administrator from college is real, if she can quiz me every Friday with fifteen new vocabulary words that I will learn throughout the week. 

P.S-Thank you for this great opportunity I had a wonderful time and I enjoyed every minute of it when I was there. Thank you for all the donors that made this possible. Thank you for all the people who work in the ILC program and giving students this great opportunity. Thank you Don for putting up with all the students and for all your concerned that we have a great time on the East. Thank all of you for making this possible.

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