Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Tiresome Day Back at Home

For the last of our trip we caught a shuttle to the airport and got on the airplane to Phoenix and then a second plane ride on the same plane to SFO airport. On the second plane ride I tried to sleep but ended up not sleeping because the people behind me kept kicking my chair so that was uncomfortable. They were just kids and I thought it would stop after a while but no it continued until the last 45 minutes on the plane. But it's okay because I had a nice nap on my way back.We got off the plane at 4:15 because the second plane ride left 15 minutes behind. When we got to the airport we all waited to get our bags. As we waited we took a picture together.Coming home felt amazing but I had to go to a party after getting off of the plane. It was my uncle's birthday and it was in Oakland so I didn't go home until 10 PM. His party was at Hometown and then later at a bowling alley.
Our picture before we left the school

My bag came first and my dad was already outside ready to go so I left earlier then everyone else. We were all supposed to wait for everyone to get their bags but I was already late for my uncle's party and my dad couldn't park for long so I had to hurry and leave. I really enjoyed being with everyone in Chicago and hope that we meet up again to hang out. I will miss all the people I have met in Chicago. They are cool people and even the ones from my class who didn't live in the dorms.
Our last picture at the airport

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  1. It was so good seeing you Saturday and Unlce Roy's birthday party! I know you had jet lag. But we still had a wonderful evening!