Monday, July 21, 2014

Week Two

For the first time in a while, I woke up feeling very rested. I got more than enough hours of sleep which came in handy because I had a full day of class today. I usually eat breakfast with Alexa but for some reason she wasn't replying to me so I went down by myself. After I was done eating, I was about to start walking to class but Alexa texted me saying that she woke up late and that she needed me to bring her some fruit. When she got her food, we both went our separate ways to our classes.

Today in class we talked about climate change and the first few chapters of the book we read in Enough is Enough. We had a reading to do over the weekend which was the result of a survey about global warming that people in the US took. The survey asked questions like if they believed in global warming and who they felt that it would affect in the long run. The main issues that I had with this survey was the use of the words 'global warming.' I feel like the results would have been different if they changed it to climate change because this survey was conducted after the last crazy winter that we had. Maybe some of the people who participated in this survey took the meaning of global warming really literal and thought that the world couldn't be warming if we just had a crazy winter. When we changed subject to the book, I got slightly frustrated because I couldn't really get a word in. In the class, we usually go back and forth from a mix of raising our hands and speaking when we got an idea and this seemed to work against me because when I raised my hand someone else said something and when I would try and speak out loud, the professor would call on someone else. I won't give up however and I am planning to try a new strategy.

For the first time, my professor didn't give us an assignment to do over lunch. It felt weird having all that extra time to eat and socialize but I took full advantage of it. In the afternoon portion of class, we talked about our homework assignment. We were partnered up and given one of seven different forms of renewable energy to research. We were to put together a power point presentation and come in front of the class and present what we have. As a class, we are to decide weather we would want to invest in this form of renewable energy. We hypothetically have $10 million to invest and the team with the most money at the end wins. I was partnered with Esin and we got natural gas/fracking for our topic. We got straight to work after class and we were able to finish our presentation before dinner.

I'm excited for tomorrow because we have a speaker coming in and I am also excited to see all the presentations. My class is full of really intelligent people and I am both curious and excited to see what they have to say. As a prize, my professor agreed to buy the winning team offsets in the form of a cow. A family would get this cow and raise it and earn a profit from it and they would be able to eventually but another cow. Hopefully me and my partner do well enough to win this. 

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