Monday, July 21, 2014

The Beginning of the Second Week of Class

My Breakfast
I woke up today ready to go to my class and ready to learn more. I woke up at 8:25 AM, got ready and went down stairs to the Dining Hall to eat breakfast. I didn't eat a lot like always because I eat like three plates of food every time I go to the Dining Hall. I just grab some eggs with fruit and bread. When I finished eating, I started walking to class and when I got to the building where my class is at; my classmates were in the wrong classroom. I didn't want to say anything so I just went in and sat down with them. When Achy came she made us move to the other room, the first room we had in the first day of class. Then, Achy told us to start doing our journal and I was talking about what I did this past Friday. When we finishing on our journal, at 10 PM, Achy told us to finish doing the rest of the workshop that we had left. Workshop is the essay about the person that is the opposite of you. When we finish reading and giving comments to my classmate’s workshop, Achy started talking about the elements again. POV-Desire-Obstacle-Plan-Execution= Failure, and repeat it all over again. Achy started talking about a professor that teaches physics and he did a study on the human brain about how many twisted plots can a human brain can handle. The answer is 3. I think this was a really cool think to know because not a lot of people know this. Every day you learn something new. Then, Achy started talking about a journalism that is on a journey right now. His name is Paul Salopek, is a seven-year journey and it started in 2013. The journey began in Ethiopia and it will end in South America in Tierra Del Fuego. Achy told us to look and read about his journey and then we have to pick one of his journeys because our next assignment is to write about a journey of someone. Then, Achy let us out at 11:30 AM and be back at 1:30 PM.

 I came straight to my room and started searching for Paul Salopek journey walk. At 12 PM, I went to the Dining Hall to go get some to eat real quick, and come back and keep searching for a journey that I want to write about. When we went back to class and some of my classmates shared what journey they like the most, Achy gave us a project that it needs to be done with a group of three, but with different people who you haven’t worked with yet. In my group I have Evan and Lisa they are both incredible writers. Achy let us go at 2:30 PM, and then my group and went to another different room to start brainstorming. We ended up picking a teenager girl and named her Wednesday, age 16, that her parent found out that she’s a lesbian and a dad that want to reconnect with the family because of his work, he haven’t spent quality time with his family. The dad decided to take a family road trip from San Jose to Yellowstone Park. The challenging part is that we picked a teddy bear that was giving to Wednesday on her third birthday by her grandma. I like my group because they make the story more challenging and that is what will make it more fun.

My Lunch
Then, I went to meet with a tutor, Pamela Larigne, she is going to help me out on improving more on my writing skills and we will be working one on one. Pamela is a very nice, cool, and awesome woman. Pamela was living in Point Richmond before she moved to Chicago and I find that a big coincidence. We will meet every day except Sundays because it will be by break day. I just want to thank all the people that are making this possible for me it really means a lot for me. I want to thank Don too for believing in me and for keeping me motivated, I appreciate it.

Then, I came back to my room and started doing research for my group project. I’m really good at doing research, is one of my best skills I have. My group and I are working on our project on Google Docs. We putting our ideas down and we all work on it by adding or taking stuff out.

Then, I needed a break, so I went down stairs to Halperin Lounge where all my cohorts are at. We started blogging together and talking while we blog. It felt good getting out of my room, but I have a weakness of getting distracted around people and it takes me longer to do my work. That’s why I’m always in my room because it helps me concentrate more and get my work done more quickly. I just stayed with my cohorts until they were all done with their work and I came up to my room to go to sleep. 
When night comes it gets beautiful
Taking Picture of the Residence Hall Buildings

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