Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Love of the Game

Evan getting ready to work on our story.
I woke up late today, at 8:40 AM. I missed breakfast because I didn't have enough time to eat. I was in a hurry and I had eight minutes to get to class. Fortunately, I got to class on dot at 9 AM. We started doing our journal from 9 AM to 10 AM. Achy told us to stop and started talking about the elements. She told the class that in our road story we are missing the point of the elements. One story would have the desire, but it won’t describe the obstacle and how they are going to overcome it. 
The view on fifth floor.
Another story would have the obstacle and the plan, but there will be no consequences or failures. Achy told the class that we need to take control of the POV character, that they are the one driving the story. She also said that the obstacle is divided in two, either fear of what would happen if the plan fails or a promise of what would happen if the plan is successful. Then, she let us go, and we needed to revise our story with our group. Before Achy let the class go, she change one of our team member and we needed to work with “fresh new blood”. 
Dining Hall
Achy changed Lisa out of our team and our new team member was Wendy. At first, I was like what is she doing this is not going to work, but then I realized that it was a great idea. Wendy was able to tell us what was wrong with our story and things we should add. We needed to finish revising before 2 PM, and send it to Achy email. I took a break to go eat lunch, and then went back to the fifth floor Wendt lounge. My team and I end up finish revising at 1:55 PM, and we needed to hurry up because class was about to start. We got to class and Achy asked us what we changed in the story. My group and I added that the teddy bear, Mister, could move just like a Toys Story movie. We made Mister to be more control of his actions. Then, Achy let us out because we need to work on our personal story. 

On my way to my room, I was walking with Evan and Robert; we are the only guys in the class. They asked me if I have started on my story and I told them no. Robert gave me a good advice; he told me that I should write something I really love. When he said that the first thing that pop in my head was soccer because that’s something I really love and enjoy playing. Robert also told me that if you write something you love, I would have more fun writing about it and it would be easier. I already have the title of my story, “The Love of the Game”.  I was brainstorming, but I didn't get a lot of stuff down and it was time for me to go with Pamela.

International House
I walked to the International House that is ten minutes away from the dorms. The first thing that Pamela asked me was if I did my homework yesterday night. It was a quiz about knowing what kind of learner I am; if I am a visual, audio or a physical.  Physical learners do: move around the room to revise, revise while jogging, swimming, or cycling, add actions to key points, when testing myself – if I make a mistake, do a push up, sit up or some other light form of exercise for a few seconds, and make sure to get plenty of exercise between revision periods to reduce stress. Then we brainstorm for ten minutes and she timed me. It was a fun exercise because I needed to remember my whole life from childhood to present. I needed to do this because I’m going to talk about how I started loving soccer. I like the exercise because it showed me that I am really good at saying stuff out loud and not on paper. Pamela also gave me a website called OWL, to work on my fragment and run-ons sentences. She gave me an assignment to do on the website and tomorrow we going to go over it. 

Later on, I went to play soccer with some of my peers that goes in the midway where there’s grass. I was enjoying playing with them, but then, my legs started hurting and I could of barely walk. My leg was hurting a lot that if I bend it would give me a big pain that I couldn't handle. I stopped playing and started stretching my leg. I decided to be goal keeper instead because I wasn't able to run. It was getting dark and I stopped playing because I have homework to do.
I went back to my room and started working on the assignment that Pamela left me. When I finished the assignment, I received a text from Alexa, telling me that she was in Keller lounge with the rest of the girls. I came down to meet them and started working on my homework and having conversation with them. That’s how I ended my night. 
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