Friday, July 25, 2014

Second Friday

It was Friday today and it is always exciting for me to see how happy I get. I woke up this morning earlier than I have all week so I took my time getting ready and I made my way down to breakfast. I was joined by Alexa, Vicky and some of our other friends. I finished eating first so I said goodbye to everybody and I started walking to class.

In class we had to give presentations on corporate-NGO partnerships. The partnership that I did my presentation on was Pampers and UNICEF. They teamed up in 2006, started the campaign '1 pack = 1 vaccine' and for a limited time, Pampers would donate one maternal neonatal tetanus vaccine for every pack of diapers sold with a special marking on it. The partnership has been really successful and since they started and they have helped to completely eliminate the disease in 14 countries. I took some of the criticism that I've been getting from the last few presentations and I tried to cover as many areas as I could have. After I gave my presentation, I asked her what I could do better next time and she told me that I should try and say 'like' a lot less and that I did everything else OK, I just need to work on my delivery. 

All of the presentations took us right up to lunch so she let us get our break. What I noticed was that this was the first week that we didn't have any lunch assignments to do. After our break, we had our afternoon lecture on green washing and green messaging. The whole message of the lecture was that some companies are either lying, vague, or unnecessary with the type of "green" labeling they do. My professor also showed us different websites that we could visit to check if the claims that these companies are making are true. We watched a documentary after the lecture called Blue Gold: World Water Wars. This document shows the water issues that humanity is facing and how critical it is. We are taken all over the world from the floods and droughts in Bangladesh, to dam building in India, and to the unnatural water patterns in the Americas.

We were let our of class once the movie was over. I did the same thing I did last Friday which was take a nap when I got back to my dorm room but this time, Alexa was with me. We got dinner after we woke up and once we were done eating, I went back and forth from sleeping, reading, and listening to music. After I signed in for curfew, I went with my cohort to find an empty lounge and we ended our night playing card games. 

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  1. Way to go asking for more feedback on your presentation, that's definitely the fastest way to improve.