Friday, July 25, 2014

Biotech Class Joining Contagion

At breakfast I sat with Oyin, Alexa, Dani, and Jimmy. I ate eggs and French toast. After breakfast we walked to class and as usual we departed to our separate ways. In class we did a lecture first and I learned more about HIV. I learned that some immune cells act as sentinels and are dispersed at various points throughout the periphery and others (T-cells) wait for  information, brought by the sentinels, at a specific organs that act as battlefields. I also learned about elite controllers. Elite controllers are people that are infected but never develop diseases. They have been associated with specific HLA alleles. The specific allele might force HIV to mutate toward a "handicapped" variant.

 In the lab I mutated the amino acid in my rifampicin resistant mutants. As I mutate the bond it changes from Leucine 1238 to Leucine 413. My amino acid didn't bond with rifampicin because the steric hindrance changes shape and it doesn't allow the rifampicin to bond with it. We recorded the hydrogen bonds that bonded with the rifampicin and if the Rotamers were direct or indirect with the rifampicin. I went to lunch a little late and got to the dining hall at 12:20 PM. I had turkey and dressing with gravy. It felt like Thanksgiving at the dining hall for me almost.

 I left the dining hall at 1:00 PM because I didn't have class until 1:15 PM. For the second part of the day we joined classes with Biotech for an hour doing a fun game to see who got infected and who infected us. We put some gloves on and had numbers on our lab coats so that we could record the people we came in contact with. We put invisible powder on our gloves and then they started the music and we started walking and dancing around the lab until they stopped the music. Then when we stopped we had to shake hands with whoever was next to us and then put their number down on a packet they gave us before we started. Then they started the music three more times and repeated the process. Then at the end we would see who was sick, who was a little sick, and who wasn't sick. A lot of people were very sick. Next we recorded who got sick and who we came in contact with on the chalkboard. Then we figured out who got us sick by looking to see which number we came in contact the most. That was the most interesting part of the class.

When I got back to the dorms I went to my room and slept until 6:00 PM and then went to dinner. At dinner I sat with the Chicago Family again and I ate chicken nuggets and fries. Then Oyin and I went to Alexa's room to hang out. After that we went to the west lounge and I started working on my project and tomorrow I will be doing a lab report paper. We ended the night with playing cards and hanging out in the Halperin House.

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  1. Love that you called the cohort your Chicago family :) It's great seeing you guys get so close!