Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Looking Forward into the Future

The 2nd walk.
Today in class we didn't do a lot. After our journal hour, Achy gave us an assignment that was about thinking where we want to be at in the future. Then, Achy explained the rules. We weren't able to talk to no one, take a thirty minute walk or go to a quiet place, don’t worry about the time, and really think about where we wanted to be in the future. After the thirty minute we needed to go back to class. Achy excused us. I went to South Campus Residence Hall building where my room is located. I didn't go to my room. Instead, I went to the ninth floor because I like to see beautiful views when I am thinking. I stayed there admiring the view, thinking what I wanted my life to be in the future. I didn't know how long I stayed, but it did really help me think about my future.  I went back to class. When I got there, I started typing. Then Achy interrupted us, to tell her when we are done with the assignment, she would give us instructions on what to do next. When I was done with the assignment, I went up to her to tell her for the instructions. Then, Achy told me to walk S. Ellis to 56th and come back. When I came back she gave me another assignment and it was to describe an old person I saw.
Far View

I went to go get lunch at the Dining Hall. After I finished eating, I went to my room to work on the assignment of describing an old person. I also took a quick nap. When I woke up from my nap, I started walking to class. I got to my class and we started to workshop on the personal stories. Nobody read the others people revision so Achy decided to finish class. That was our homework; we needed to read my classmates personal stories. Tomorrow we will workshop on them.

Then, I went to my room and kept on working on my assignment of describing an old person. I finished, but then I needed to revise Karen story and write about what works on her story and what didn't work. I remembered that I need to email my personal story too. I took a quick look at it to see if I wanted to change or add anything before I send it to Achy.  After that, I started working on a new assignment of what my grade should be for my class. This was an assignment that Achy left us on Tuesday. We need to turn it in tomorrow because on Friday we going to have a
Near View
discussion about the grades.

Later on, I needed to meet with Pamela. Today Pamela was so generous to bring me a brownie and it was really good. Pamela made me read the assignment of what my grade should be. Then she pointed out the things I had wrong. I needed to correct it. She started giving me ideas of what should I look for a college and what I needed to do to prepare myself for college.

I started walking to the Dining Hall to go get dinner. When I was done eating, I went to my room and started reading my classmates personal stories. When I finished reading two of the stories I started to correct my assignment of what my grade should be. While I was working on the assignment, I was asking the questions that Pamela had asked me when I was with her. Then, I just kept on reading my classmates stories.

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